Helping The Less Fortunate With Farm Animals

If you’re looking for a charity to give a goat or chicken, you might be shocked to find out just how many there are and how much good they can do to help out the needy, especially in third world nations, where basic survival needs aren’t met often.  To find out more about how you can do some good when donate a billy, buck or kid.  You don’t even have to own one to give one, which I’ll explain a little later on.  You will be shocked to find out what the funds go to, who benefits, and how much good it can actually do in the world.  In this article, you’ll get all kinds of information about this unique charitable cause.

  • Who Benefits?

Your contribution or gift can go to a number of different charities.  Afghanistan women, African families and children, and many others are all set to reap the rewards of your charitable contribution.  Most organizations are set to help third world African nations, but it will vary a little bit by group, so be sure to do some careful research before you make your decision of whom to go with for donations.

  • What Are They Used For?

When you donate a goat, chicken, rooster, or even a hen, it can feed starving people for several years to come.  In some cases, and depending on what charitable organization you choose, the animals can be used for milk, eggs, meat, and breeding to provide meals for years to come.  Your contribution can fight hunger by feeding starving people, fight social injustice, and poverty.  Sounds like a worthy nonprofit cause, doesn’t it?

  • I Don’t Own Any Goats or Chickens

No problem.  If you don’t own any barnyard animals, you can actually buy them by making a monetary donation to certain organizations.  You can often select a dozen chicks, goats, alpacas, or even llamas, depending on the group you select.  Most of the time, you decide what is sent, so you can send whatever you think will help out the most.  Doing something to help out the needy is always a good cause.  Sometimes you can also select sheep, cows, oxen, and other types of animals to help out the poor.  Just because you don’t have a farm doesn’t mean you cannot make a difference in the life of a needy person.

  • About Nonprofit Organizations

There are some profit based groups, so you need to use caution when you use charity to give a goat or chicken, along with the other animals mentioned.  If possible, choose non-profit groups and organizations that help the needy in various areas of the world, including the third world nations in Africa and other areas.

  • Careful for Scams

Check out any group that is looking for gifts carefully to ensure you aren’t just sending money or farm animals to someone that is taking you for a ride.  Research the group and the cause and you should be just fine.  It’s important to do at least a little bit of research before shelling out any money for assistance.

If you are looking for a very unique way to help out others in need of assistance, why not try something like this?  Try a charity to give a goat or chicken this year and make a real difference.