Two and a half men has become more than just another comedy series, it is a sensation. The exchanges between the two brothers are priceless. I love this show.

Charlie Sheen's character Charlie Harper wears some of the most distinctive shirts I have ever seen. I stay up late every night just to see what the next shirt is that they have him wear. What he is actually wearing are referred to as retro bowling shirts. Charlie Sheen's has made these bowling shirts become a sensation. At first, they actually reminded me of something that you would see one of the wise guys wearing on an episode of The Sopranos.

After watching this show for a while I began thinking, 'Where can I find shirts like those?" I never remember seeing them anywhere.

Then I did a web search on them and discovered that these shirts do exist. In fact, it would seem that they have become a sensation as well. These shirts are sold on lots of different web sites.

After looking at these shirts online i decided that they would really bring out the causal look well. They are meant to be worn with a pair of Docker's Khakis and a tasteful pair of loafers. I am going to go order one of these shirts for myself soon.

Here is a list of some of the Charlie Sheen retro bowling shirts that are available in the market.

  • Charlie Sheen's Signature Series: the Diplomat Charlie Sheen Bowling shirtsThis great new shirt features a black body and has grey stitching down the front. These shirts were actually worn by Charlie himself. His name is stitched into the shirt.
  • Charlie Sheen;s Signature Series: the Harper: harper2This shirt features a dark brown shirt with a classically styled white center. some very tasteful embroidery is stitched into the front of the shirt as well.
  • Charlie Sheen's Signature Series: Black and Tan Crown: blackandtan This shirt features a white front on a black body with black stripes. This is another one of those retro bowling type shirts that is terribly reminiscent of Charlie Harper.

Of course, these are only a couple of examples of the many shirts that are available to rabid fans of Charlie Harper like myself. I was surprised that there were dozens of shirts on the market. I think that I am going to look good with this retro, casual look. I think that Charlie Harper looks good in these shirts, but of course, wouldn't Charlie Sheen look good in anything he wears? Personally, I think my body type more mimics Tony Soprano!