Would you go to work after being fired? Charlie Weiss is. Recently Charlie Weiss was finally fired from Notre Dame as their head football coach. Even though Charlie Weiss was fired he still is doing recruiting Charlie Weissof new players into the Notre Dame football family.

Charlie Weiss has been meeting with various recruits that had declared an interest and commitment in playing college football for Notre Dame. Charlie Weiss is getting these players to agree to still come play For Notre Dame even though he was fired.

When the previous coach for Notre Dame Tyrone Willingham was fired he spent his last few days golfing. When Tyrone Willingham was out golfing Notre Dame lost many top players that had previously declared intent to play for them. This left incoming coach Charlie Weiss with some massive problems that led in part to the crappy record Charlie Weiss had in his first year as head coach for Notre Dame.

By Charlie Weiss talking with recruits and convincing them to still play football for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish shows that Charlie Weiss is a "Stand Up Guy". Weiss could of easily said to hell with Notre Dame and hit the golf course like Tyrone Willingham did, Instead Charlie Weiss is showing his commitment to the Notre Dame football program.

Whoever the next coach of Notre Dame is will be forever grateful for the recruiting work that Charlie Weiss has did since he was fired. By Charlie Weiss stepping up to the plate after he was fired shows his willingness to still help Notre Dame.

Charlie Weiss could of easily screwed the next coach of Notre Dame. Instead Charlie Weiss is greatly improving the odds that the next head coach of Notre Dame football will have a very successful first year. If the next coach for Notre Dame wins a lot in his first season it will appear that he is a better coach then Charlie Weiss. He probably will be a better coach then Weiss, but without the work that Weiss is doing now the next coach does not stand a chance.

Charlie Weiss should be commended for his actions since he was fired. By Weiss continuing to do recruiting work to keep top recruits it will help Notre Dame to get back to a top caliber NCAA football team years sooner. Maybe even as soon as next year. All thanks to the work Charlie Weiss has did since he was fired.