Create Your Own Fern Costume Based on Charlotte's Web

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Perhaps no other children’s book is more beloved than Charlotte’s Web.  Written by E.B. White, who also wrote the classics Stuart Little and Trumpet of the Swan, it was published in 1952 and was a Newberry Honor book in 1953.

Why has this been the best selling children’s paperback of all time?

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First and foremost, it is the story of friendship.  In one’s life, if you have one or two true friends, then you have been blessed.  The little spider saved the pig’s life, and in the real world, there are many who have saved their friend’s lives by intervening when necessary.

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The relationship between Charlotte and Wilbur is one that is strong, despite their being different species (there’s a subtle, yet important life lesson).  

In a gentle way, it tells about the circle of life.  Charlotte was meant to die after she laid her eggs.  While this brings sadness, that is also a part of life that children cannot be shielded from.

It took E.B. White seven years to finish his second children’s book.  He did not want it published until it was just right.

Charlotte's Web is Based on Real Stories

Although E.B. White was a popular essayist in New York, he decided to move his family back to Maine, where he was born, and live on a farm like he did as a child.  He raised pigs, and pigs are meant to be slaughtered, not kept as pets.  One day, a pig became very sick.  Instead of putting it out of it’s misery, White decide to try and save it’s life.  While he failed, it was the spark that inspired the classic children’s novel.

Another source of inspiration for Charlotte’s Web came in 1948, when White was doing chores in the barn.  He was fascinated with a spider spinning an egg sack.  He took the sack, put it in a box with holes, and kept it until they all hatched.

A Fern Costume is Easy to Put Together

Fern Arable was an eight year old girl who lived in a farm. She loved animals and, in the case of Wilbur, was fiercely protective of them.  She took loving care of her pig, and thought about him when they were apart.

As a farm girl, she did not get dressed in fancy clothing, as that would have been extremely impractical and expensive (although she would have gotten dressed up for her crush, Henry Fussy). She dressed in simple clothing that would permit her to do her work of tending the animals.

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The classic and beloved cover of Charlotte's Web has Fern wearing a red shirt with a collar. The original has a white collar,but this simple and solid polo shirt will be fine.  In fact, it is what was worn in the movie version. 

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Jeans are the pants of choice while working on the farm.  These are from The Children's Place, something Fern probably would have worn, especially with the pant legs rolled up to make cuff.

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