Designing a charm bracelet isn’t an easy task. European charm bracelets which is the conventional kind you see today with a leather or metal bracelet and mainly charm beads as decoration and a few spacers, clips and special decorative pieces have much more room to facilitate a theme including certain colour shades, charm shapes or even a certain event or idea that is special to you. Designing the perfect charm bracelet to match your life and identity is not easy task, but there are a few tips and tricks when trying to approach a theme that can help you out immensely in making you jewellery look good and more fitting. Here are a few themes and insights from charm bracelets around the web I think look particularly nice and what makes their design work.

A Very Inventive And Texturally Delightful Charm Bracelet


An Earthly Or Animal Print Bracelet

This charm theme is great for casual wear with jeans or some sort of semi-formal leather outfit. Charms with such interesting texture like an animal print or some sort of imitation of nature and natural woods are hard to pull off without looking tacky. Here the designer had used an especially longer bracelet chain, designed to be wrapped around the wrist twice to create the effect of two bracelets. The ratio of empty bracelet material to charms is quite high, as you don’t want too many of these types of charms clumping together. Having three or four of these print charms sitting right together would really confuse the eye and make for an uncomfortable cluster rather than an elegant coloured theme. The earthly colours are well suited to the gold which is sparse to make the tone of the metal pop out more.

A Kind of christmas Theme for this Charm Bracelet

A Bright Colour Theme Bracelet

A contrast to the last charm bracelet, this one is quite cluttered, but the effect is quite different. The safety chain is a great functional tool to keep you from losing expensive and sentimental jewellery, and also provides a kind of second layer like the double fold in the leather bracelet. The rest of the bracelet is almost packed to full capacity, but as the charms and spacers put in between the key colour charm are neutral silver than cluttering and overcrowding effects are not prominent at all. The sentimental centre charm piece is placed in the most prominent position on the bracelet at the most opposite end to the bracelet’s clip.


Overall the most well designed bracelets are kept simple and blend well. The design should first have a neutral colour like silver, dark navies or black and light beiges as a base. This is done either with a simple coloured bracelet material from leather or a stained metal. If you have a particular charm that is special to you then you should surround this is a set theme of beads and spacers, so the difference in shape and form of the feature charm draws eyes towards it. It is from your beads and spacers that you then have the capacity to create a colour theme to the bracelet and exploit your designing options to give a unified feel and match your jewellery with your outfit.