After singing exclusively as a back-up to a Christian recording artist named Rebecca St. James, Charmaine was right to release her own album because her voice is distinct, graceful and a pleasure to hear at any given time.  This CD is a complete set of love songs with a fusion of rock and contemporary pop rhythms that are devoted to Jesus Christ. 

My favorite songs on this CD are “Acceptable”, “All in All”, “Only You”, “Hungry” and “Give Us Clean Hands”.  However, I tend to play “All in All” and “Hungry” the most, especially during times of devotional bible study or personal praise and worship.  The use of the guitar and piano arrangements are so strong, yet gentle at the same time.  I’m sure a bible scripture can be found for each and every single song on this album, which always intrigues me when it comes to finding out how a particular artist thinks when it comes to his or her ministry through music.  I often imagine a Christian dancer expressing him/herself to many of these selections.  Some other honorable mentions are “I Love You Lord”, “You Are Here With Me” and “You Found Me”.  Charmaine is definitely charged up when it comes to spreading the gospel of Christ.  Whenever playing a song from this CD, I can always hear the passion, fire and love connection with the Savior through her tough yet elegant words.  The messages in each single are simple, sweet and effective.  This is one of those albums that I use when I want to distract myself with Him, devoting my all to His commands and service.            

Whenever I listen to this CD, or even glance at the title of it, I always think of the purpose of this album as being two-fold:  giving glory and honor to the Savior and learning how to please Him by reading His Word, meditating and praying as much as possible.  This album is one big musical note of gratitude for Jesus being the same as He was yesterday, the same today and never changing tomorrow.