This CD from 2010 is a fantastic Christian pop creation produced by an extremely talented recording artist.  Her name is Charmaine and for her second full-length release, this woman of God has definitely reinvented herself.  This album is so similar to secular music that one would almost think that she has sold out to get better money for her product rather than focus on ministry.  But if any Christian listens to her lyrics with an open mind, her intentions will all clearly be revealed:  she has simply found a new and innovating way to talk about Jesus Christ in the form of snappy, catchy pop tunes. 

My favorite tracks are “Tell Me”, “Run”, “Tokyo” and “Epiphany”.  “Tell Me” is about those situations in life that need a Savior who longs to help them, no matter how big or small the size.  This kind of help cannot be depended on when it comes to human love, at least not all the time.  “Run” is the best dance tune and is extremely motivational.  The chorus of this song talks about not giving up one’s faith because God always comes through in His perfect timing, whether one realizes it or not.  “Tokyo” is a fun tune about the exciting world of possibilities to tackle, especially with Christ on one’s side.  “Epiphany” is a romantic ideal of discovering Christ as the lover of the soul.  I love how the prose is set to such a beautifully strong melody.  Some tracks worth honorable mention include “At My Door” and “Love Reality”.     

These songs are best described as 21st century contemporary world pop singles with dynamic, reflective lyrics all devoted to Christ.  Charmaine seems like an old soul with a fresh perspective on life and its various challenges.  She draws on divine inspiration so that she herself can successfully inspire others.  So far, this Christian recording artist is doing a terrific job of motivating people with her fascinating lyrics.