While there are loads of ready-made charm bracelets available in the market today, this cute and fancy accessory would be more special if you could choose your very own charms for your charm bracelets. You may wonder why you would have to spend time painstakingly putting all these special charms for your charm bracelets when there are some many cheap versions available in your fave retail store. History tells us that the first and true charm bracelet commemorates a special story in one's life: that the charms used for charm bracelets are like the scenes in a movie, things that had been put together to represent something that the giver of the charm bracelet would want the wearer to remember.

The Style and the Type of the Bracelet

Gold or sterling silver. The first step in choosing which charm to use for charm bracelets is to decide which type bracelet you would want to use. For the best, commemorative charm bracelet, you would want to limit your option with silver and gold bracelet. Of course, it would be wiser if you use silver or gold charms. While this may be quite expensive, dealing with gold charms would be easier since a lot of antique and vintage charm retailers sell this stuff than silver.

Remember: charm bracelets, should be, by its very essence, unique and special. You would not simply want to see another of your charm bracelet worn by some stranger you've seen in the mall. This is something you could not avoid, especially if you had purchased some cheap metal that are mass produced these days.

Style of the bracelet. After you have decided which material would best fit your taste, its now time to choose the style of the bracelet itself. Would you want your bracelet in single, double, or links? Next, in terms of the thickness, you may want to consider the types of charms for your charm bracelets. If you would want to fill it with little stuff, it would be best for you to buy something that is thin. Then, of course, big charms, thick and heavy link chain.

The Theme of the Charm Bracelet

Your option here is actually limitless. Making a charm bracelet is definitely one of the most intimate personal expressions I could think about. Whether you want the bracelet to remind you of your childhood days, travels, and, even holidays, there are a lot of retailers that could offer you charms that could fit your bracelet. Do not be afraid to experiment. It's also one of the greatest stress busters - you may want to try it especially after a hard day's work.

Where to look for charms: the easiest would be online. But make sure that a seller's return and refund policy are in place. When you want to have a walk, flea markets (especially abroad), antique stores, and, of course, estate sales are some of the best places to go to if you want to find some unique finds.

Other Things that You Need to Consider

In choosing which charms for your charm bracelets would fit, you would also need to consider the type of clasp and the attachment you would use. Personally, I recommend using a safety chain over push button latch for a clasp as this offer more protection than a push button latch. Also, split rings hold the charms to the bracelet better than a jump ring anytime.