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And why transsexual women reject them

There are a lot of men out there who are very interested in transsexual women. They are usually referred to as “Chasers” or “Admirers” I personally have been literally “chased” from one end of town to another. They love transsexual women and they wont hold back showing it. It is usually a taboo subject to admit you desire transsexual women, however the every growing interest for transsexual porn does most of the talking. Suggesting that there is an ever growing group of men who love transsexual women. Such men will actively search for opportunities to find and date a transsexual women. Here are some myths and theories why men love transsexual women.

  • They are Gay Men: There is a myth circulating that really they are just gay men who are afraid to admit it to themselves and thus want to date someone who looks and acts female but still has male anatomy. Although this might be the case for some I believe they would be in the extreme minority. If you talk with them you will quickly realize that none of them have ever slept with men and have absolutely no desire to do so. Similarly, gay men will tell you that they have no interest in transsexual women as they are not interested in feminine features.

  • They have their own category: Admirers seem to fit into their own special category of men who sexually desire women with penises. Some Transsexual women have referred to this as being a fetish, and having no desire to be one they reject these men. Personally I think this is a mistake, people are attracted to different things for different reasons. If you are attracted to a female bodied person, does that make it a fetish? Following this logic would mean in general that everything is a fetish and should be avoided.

  • They are straight men: Admirers are straight men who simply have a desire for a woman with a penis. In the same way that someone is attracted to long blonde hair, or green eyes. Again, this is not a fetish in the same way that loving female/male bodied people is a fetish. Therefore in my opinion you cannot attach theories about childhood trauma or emotional damage here. No conditioning or imprinting can be applied. Nature provides bees for the flowers in the same way she produces women for men, and transsexual women for their chasers. Why our entire universe consists of complementing opposites, hot and cold, sunshine and rain. Nothing stands by itself and so it is with transsexual women and their admirers.

      There are a lot of lonely transsexual women out there in the world who reject men simply because they fall into the chaser category. In fact there is a trend to place all men who are interested in transsexual women in this ugly box. Immediately the word fetish is applied and after than these men don’t stand a chance, transsexual women with their noses held high, remain alone. This makes no logical sense. You will get more love, affection and admiration (yes that’s why they are often referred to as admirers) than you will get out of any man who is simply only interested in cisgender women. They worship you and treat you like a goddess, not take you for granted and abuse you. That is not to say that every one of them is perfect, they are not. But they will pursue and love you with an intensity rarely felt. So give them a chance and don’t judge them as you also demand not to be judged. You may get a wonderful surprise!

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