Chatr mobile is a wireless provider based in Canada that is owned by Rogers Communications.  Chatr mobile seems to target customers who like to economize and save money much like Cricket and Virgin Mobile.  The service offers the reliability of a post paid service but also gives its customers the freedom that comes with only the usesage of a pre-paid mobile service plan.  Chatr mobile says it tries to answer it's customer's needs as quickly as possible and calls to customer service are always free.


What Are Chatr Mobile's Features, Services and Plans

Chatr offers several competitive monthly plans for its price conscious customers. Using the two preferred modes of payment either by prepaid credit cards or automatic payment with a regular credit card, Chatr customers can pay their bills efficiently every month without worrying about service outage due to late payments. You can also purchase pre-paid top up cards (which works like a debit card) and apply the PIN to your phone to keep your service active. 

In the Chatr zone, customers can feel free to place unlimited calls.  Text messages and other features can be used in any region covered by the Rogers network. 

Here are some of the Basic Features of the Chatr Mobile Service:

Unlimited Talk 25$/month

  • Unlimited outgoing calls to anywhere in Chatr zone's province
  • 50 sent text messages from Canada to Canada or USA
  • Voicemail with 25¢ per minute retrieval charge

Unlimited Talk & Text 35$/month

  • Unlimited outgoing calls to anywhere in Canada
  • Unlimited sent text messages from Canada to Canada or USA
  • Voicemail with no retrieval charge

Unlimited Talk & Text plus Data 100 45$/month

  • All features that comes with the $35/month plan
  • 100 MB of data per month

Some of the other features of the Chatr Mobile service include: Call waiting, Call display, Call forwarding, free incoming text messages, SMS  short code support, support for social applications such as Twitter and Facebook.  Additionally, all incoming calls that are answered in the Chatr service zone is free. As mentioned before, customer service calls to and from Chatr are also free of charge to the customer.


Where is Chatr Mobile Available?

You can get Chatr mobile phones from Costco, Future Shop, London Drugs, Zellers, Best Buy, Walmart, WirelessWave, Tbooth and the Chatr retail outlets. All of these locations sell the Chatr phone, services and pre-paid top-up cards.


Complaints Against Chatr Mobile

There are not many complaints against Chatr mobile from a consumer vantage point. .05 percent of Chatr complaints from customers are due to billing error on their wireless billing statements.  Some customers also don't like the telephone selection and think there could be more choice especially in this day and time where cell phones make a statement.   Their main controversies have come from other companies such as Wind Wireless claiming that Chatr's advertisements have been over inflated to make customers believe that they are doing things differently than other similar mobile wireless companies when in fact the service is the same. Some have called Wind Wireless' complaint against Chatr rediculous.