Buying subwoofers for your car can be quite difficult because there are so many brands, models, and wattages to be aware of. In addition, you will not want to go to spend hundreds of dollars on a single subwoofer because the voice coils could simply blow immediately after the warranty is up, which would deem the subwoofer as a waste of money. There are plenty of cheap 12 inch car subwoofers that you can buy for your vehicle; however, not all of those speakers are worthy of being placed into your trunk.

One of the best ways to weed out the bad subwoofers from the great subwoofers is to simply read through consumer reviews of the specific speakers. Luckily for you, I have installed well over 30 car stereo systems, and have heard well over 100 different subwoofers play bass-heavy songs. This article is an encyclopaedia of the best cheap 12 inch car subwoofers that can be purchased at your local speaker store; use this information effectively, and you will definitely be able to play the bass on your songs before you know it!

Pyle Has Many 12 Inch Car Subwoofers For Under $50Pyle 1200 Watt Car Subwoofer-12 InchCredit:

Pyle is definitely not one of the most well-known speaker brands in the industry; however, they offer quite a few 12 inch car subwoofers for under $60! One would automatically assume that subwoofers that cost less than $60 would not be great; however, Pyle is able to offer these great 12 inch car subwoofers for such cheap prices because they don’t waste their money on unnecessary brand promotion.

There are at least 5 specific subwoofers by Pyle that I would consider buying and using for my car’s stereo system; however, the PL model with dual voice coils emits 600watts of RMS power, and can be found on Amazon for about $40!

Boss Is New To The Market, But Has A Few Models 12 Inch Subs That Sell For Less Than $50

Just like Pyle, Boss has not been part of the subwoofer marketBoss Phantom 12 Inch Car SubwooferCredit: for a very long time. Unfortunately, there are plenty of brands that make their debut into the car speaker industry, and are nowhere to be found in as little as 2 months later. I cannot say with certainty that Boss will be selling car subwoofers for many years to come; however, they have quite a few 12 inch car subwoofers that are worthy of being installed into my car stereo system.

One perfect example of a cheap 12 inch car subwoofer by Boss is the Chaos Extreme 4 ohm car subwoofer that pumps out 700 watts of RMS power, and is found on Amazon for about $35! What a deal!

One of the biggest things that consumers should be aware of is the average life of the car subwoofers that they are buying; however, one cannot do much research on the Boss Chaos 12 inch subwoofer because it has only been for sale for a short period of time. The only thing that I can do to gauge the longevity of these 12 inch car subwoofers is to take a look at the quality of the cone and voice coils. I can say that the cone and voice coils are made from some of the highest quality materials, and the Boss Chaos car subwoofers are surely to last a long time.

BOSS AUDIO P126DVC Phantom 12 inch Dual Voice Coil (4 Ohm) 2300-watt Subwoofer
Amazon Price: $92.00 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Nov 3, 2016)

The Power Acoustik MOFO Is An Amazing Deal For About $120

This Power Acoustik subwoofer is the most expensive one to be featured in this article; however, I have still chosen to include it because it can still be considPower Acoustik 12 Inch Competition SubwooferCredit: Amazon.comered as being a cheap subwoofer due to the amount of RMS watts that it is emitting for the price. The cheap 12 inch car subwoofers that are offered by Power Acoustik are exactly what you need to rattle your neighbourhood for an affordable price.

This specific subwoofer has 800 watts of RMS power, and features heatsink technology within the cone and voice coils. It is the combination of these two features that makes the speakers within this specific series the best cheap 12 inch car subwoofers on the market.

This article is not designed to sell you any subwoofers or promote any speakers that I have not listened to. But rather, the goal of this piece of writing is to open your eyes to the best cheap 12 inch car subwoofers for sale.

There are plenty of 12 inch car subwoofers that you can buy for nearly cheap prices; however, not all of those subwoofers are worthy of being installed in a car stereo system....Put simply, some of the subwoofers are not good. Consider the three specific brands that were mentioned throughout this article, namely Pyle, Boss, and Power Acoustik, and you will surely be enjoying the bass to your new songs in absolutely no time!