For many parents finding a cheap 3 wheeler pushchairs in the UK is a necessity; the costs of living can simply be too high for many parents to afford a top-of-the-line stroller. 3 wheel strollers are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a great way for a parent and child to spend some time together while providing a great opportunity for some exercise. Some 3 wheeler travel systems even allow the parent to jog comfortably with them.

What Type of Pushchair Do You Need?

It can be tempting to just buy the cheapest stroller you find but it is incredibly important that you buy the right type for your child. It can actually be very unsafe to try to put a larger child in a smaller stroller and larger strollers are only optimised to support the body of an older child.

Newborn Baby Strollers

There are a pretty good variety of pushchairs suitable from birth but you need to pay special attention to the age rating for each as you don't want to put a 3-year old in a chair that is only suitable for up to 2-year olds. You can usually find a safety-rating sticker on the frame. If you cannot find one and if the owner does not have the instruction manual then you should avoid buying it - unless you can find the exact model number online to confirm that it is suitable.

Pushchairs for Older Children

Strollers for older children are typically upright with an adjustable back. They provide full back support and have a buckle to keep the child safely in the chair. When you get to this size you need to start paying attention to the maximum weight rating, which should be located on the frame.

Twin Pushchairs

Twin pushchairs come in two main designs; side-by-side and back-and-front. When looking for double pushchairs for sale you should find one to suit the ages of children. If they are the same age then a side-by-side chair design is usually fine but if one is much younger, then you may want a back-and-front, or top-and-bottom design. This will ensure that your younger child is safe while giving the older one the support they need.

Choosing the Best Brands

You should always take the time to compare each brand available to you if you want to get the best deal, especially if you plan on buying new. You have a few choices when it comes to buying cheap prams in the UK. A few good examples are Quinny, Mother's Choice, Safe 'N Sound, and iCandy. ICandy and Quinny are a bit more fully featured than the other two brands, but they also tend to be more expensive.

What to Look for in a Good Buggy or Stroller

One great thing about 3 wheelers is that you can take them with you on a jog. This means you don't have to worry about arranging a babysitter just to get some exercise. However, this opens up a whole host of other considerations that you need to make in order to get a good deal.


If you plan on doing a lot of travelling then having something that folds up compact is a must, you cannot go very far if you can't fit your pram in your vehicle after all.


Having a lightweight stroller is beneficial for walking, jogging and travelling in equal measures. However, if you only plan on using the stroller for casual walks then this may not be such a large consideration.


All prams need to be secure but this is especially important for prams that you are jogging with. A sturdy set of buckles and straps are a must.

Wheels and Suspension

Wheels and suspension are very important for taking out a lot of the vibrations your child would otherwise experience while you move quickly. Large wheels 16-inches or more in size are recommended. To test suspension you should press down on the pram (if possible) to see how much compression it offers. It should be difficult to compress the suspension all the way down and there should be plenty of travel in them.

Recommended Cheap Accessories

Some 3-wheel strollers come with everything you need but many might need one or two accessories to increase their safety and utility. Below are the three main accessories you should consider.

Rain Covers

If you want to still be able to head out when there is a light rain then a rain cover will be necessary. You can usually pick up cheap plastic covers that velcro on for under $20 on eBay.

Sunshades for Pushchairs

Similarly to the rain covers, you also want to protect your child from the sun. Remember that your child's skin is much more susceptible to sunburn then your own and you should always invest in a sunshade if your pram doesn't come with one.

Wrist Straps

You can easily get a wrist strap for a few dollars and it is an investment that you should not avoid. For less than $10 in most cases you can completely avoid the risk of your stroller getting away from you and crashing, or even worse - heading onto a busy road. As you can see, this is one thing you should always buy, no matter how tight your budget is.

Buying Second Hand Pushchairs - What You Need to Know

If you are trying to find pushchairs for under £100 then one of the best ways you can do this is by buying used. However, you should always be cautious when doing this as you may be putting your child's safety at risk if you happen to make a bad purchase. The following are the things you should consider when looking at used 3 wheeler strollers.

Safety Stickers

You should avoid buying prams that have the safety labels removed as you have no way of knowing for sure if it is right for your child. These stickers convey important information like maximum child height, weight and age.


Buying a pram with a ton of features is useless if you don't know how to use them. Sometimes even folding up a stroller can be a nightmare without the manufacturer's instruction manual. Manuals also have additional safety information, which can be important for using the stroller correctly.

Tyre Wear

When buying an older 3 wheeler you should check how much tread is left on the tyres. Wheels can be expensive to replace and worn ones can cause more vibrations and they can even burst causing an accident.

Welds and Frame Strength

Make sure to always inspect the frame and all of the welds before buying a used cheap 3-wheeler pushchair in the UK. Rusted welds or a bent frame don't just risk your money if the pram breaks, they also risk the safety of your child.