Assuming you are into finding the best deal on six wheel ATVs it's best to check out used models first. Newer models can price many buyers out before they check out more affordable, used versions. Here are some of the more popular used six wheel ATVs and some places to buy and research them online.

2007 Polaris Sportsman 6x6

There is no shortage of used parts for his specific 6x6 model. Polaris has been manufacturing this type of ATV for a while now and any quick search will turn up a number of different places to buy parts for repair. You can find this six-wheeler for about $6,500. If you are paying more than that, it is probably too much. The original sale price was around $8,000 and if it is in reasonable shape, $6-6,500 is a good deal.

2000 Max MAX2

If you want a six-wheeler for under $3,000, you are going to need to go back to the year 2000 at least, probably later. These Max ATVs can handle water but do not have the toughness or storage capabilities of most Polaris models. When buying a used Max ATV be sure to check the tires. If the ride is 10 years old it is likely to have had some tires replaced and you need to be sure they are still good. An older Max is a great deal on 6 wheelers.

2011 Polaris Sportsman Big Boss

This is a more expensive model but I recommend trying to find one slightly used. It is common for people to buy these machines, not use them enough and need to sell them to cover losses. You should not have too much trouble finding a used version, even though it is a 2011. The Polaris Big Boss is the industry standard for 6x6 ATVs. If you are looking for high-performance and durability then seek out one of these for under $10,000. Paying $9,000 for one of these would be a good deal.

Late 90’s ARGO

Even brand new the ARGOs are a good deal, but if you’re looking for a cheap 6x6 then target those made in the late ‘90s. If you find one that is in great condition, expect to pay no more than $6,000 for it. Look harder to find a more heavily used (but running) model in the $5,000 range. I’ve seen these sell on Ebay for only a couple thousand dollars but it’s a risky purchase on that site.

Where to find used 6x6 ATVs

Like I stated above, try to stay away from Ebay. A 6x6 needs to be driven and inspected personally before buying. Also, be prepared to travel in order to find the best deal. Some websites with consistent stock and decent deals include,, and Be sure to check out the forums on these sites. Finding the right 6 wheeler can take some time and it helps to ask around on message boards.

ATV PicnicCredit: Mrwhite892Credit: Mrwhite892