Running shoes can sometimes be quite pricey. Especially when you're looking for quality running shoes. The are some durable ASICS running shoes for women that are rather cheap. You can find cheap ASICS running shoes for women that still provide quality and lasting foot wear. Prices that won't set you back a few hundred dollars for running shoes. ASICS products have been around since 1970. ASICS running shoes for women and men are extremely popular in Japan, where the company was founded. ASICS sports shoes provide for majority of the companies sales, although they also sell regular footwear and sports equipment as well.

ASICS shoes for women are good products. ASICS shoe products have ranked as top performer on the market. ASICS shoes for women tend to go at a price from anywhere to $30-100 dollars. Cheap ASICS shoes for women can sometimes be found at on online stores like ebay, or amazon. Always check sites like tjoos, or couponmountain for cheap discount coupons on ASICS shoes for women.

ASICS women's GEL-Enduro 5 running shoe

The GEL-Enduro 5 running shoe consists of a rubber sole, and is a lightweight shoe that provides comfort and durability. The shoe consists of a AHAR heel plug, synthetic and mess upper, rearfoot GEL cushioning system that provides shock attenuation. The shoe provides comfort for long-term runners. The shoe can be used on track, grass, or roads. ASICS running shoes for women provide stability and comfort, along with durability of use. The GEL-Enduro's price range is around $60 for these running shoes. Sizes available 6-12.

ASICS Women's GEL-Foundation 8 running shoe

The GEL-Foundation might seem a little pricey, but is cheaper than the GEL-Foundation 9. The Foundation ASICS women shoes tend to be a bit more expensive. However, the GEL-Foundation can go anywhere between $59-89 dollars, so it still keeps you below $100 dollars. You'll probably find these shoes for a cheap price at amazon. These women's running shoes provide adequate width, and has a rubber sole. The GEL-Foundation provides flexibility and comfort for runners. Other features include removable insole, DuoMax Support system, SpEVA midsole durability and shock attenuation. Sizes available 6-12.

ASICS Women's GEL-Strike 2 running shoe

The GEL-Strike 2 running shoe goes for a cheap retail price at $55.00, and is available in sizes 5-12. If you jog a lot of on paved roads, this ASICS running shoe might be for your preference. Its rather cheap, and provides extra cushioning for comfort. This running shoe also contains night light for runners, so they're visible shoes as well. You can find a cheap price for the GEL-Strike running shoes for women that can go as low as $38. These are pretty durable ASICS shoes for women to use.

ASICS Women's GEL-Harumi running shoe

The GEL-Harumi is a trail shoe that's design to proving capable running on any terrain available. The shoe consists with proper cushions, with a rearfoot GEL cushioning system provided with shock attenuation in the heel. Materials of the shoe consists of synthetic and mesh upper, and a rubber sole. Trusstic System links the rearfoot and forefoot and shores the midfoot. Retail price can range from $50-$65 dollars. Sizes available 6-12.

ASICS Women's GEL-Venture running shoe

THe women's GEL-Venture is meant to be used as a off-road shoe. The shoe is made from synthetic leather, and mesh upper that provide comfort and fit. This women's running shoe features a California slip lasting, a rearfoot GEL cushing system, along with a rubber outsole. This ASICS women's shoe can go for a retail price around $60. The shoe provides proper cushion and comfort while running.