ATV Goggles: With A Rubber-Band?!

You can't ever be too careful with your eyes when you're outdoors, and ATV goggles are absolutely essential whether you're off-roading or just out for a quiet 'st-roll' amongst the rocks on your All-Terrain Vehicle. You might not consider them as being necessary or even think of them as an inconvenience but any professional ATV enthusiast will tell you that riding without eye protection is akin to bungee jumping with a rubber-band. Well, not quite, but at least the analogy will stick in your head for a while.

Read This To Know Why You Should Read ThisATV Goggles

Buying a pair of ATV goggles requires a little bit of awareness and knowledge if you want to end up with a pair that will serve you well for a long time. Of course, you could just go into a store and buy the first pair you set eyes on but once you take it home you'll wish you'd read the rest of this article. This isn't breakthrough information or hot news that you won't find anywhere else – it's just a little common sense that somebody took the trouble to pen down and present in a readable and hopefully helpful manner. If this piece can assist you in zeroing in on the right pair of ATV goggles for you, then the twin effort of writing and reading is worth it.

The Two Faces Of ATV Goggles

The first step would be an understanding of what ATV goggles can do for you. The obvious assumption is eye protection, which is the primary function of goggles – from dust, wind, rain, bright sunlight, UV radiation, snow, debris and anything else that your eyes would find offensive. However, goggles also perform another very important task – that of letting your eyes do what they do best, and that is to be able to let you see clearly in any condition. While the first aspect is mostly a default function of the basic design, the second is a matter of knowing what type of ATV goggles to buy. Let's see how.

ATV Goggles: Seeing Things As They Are

ATV goggles are generally of a diver's face mask design. While the seal is not nearly as important here as it would be for diving, the large frame will give you the kind of wide and peripheral vision you need when riding an ATV. This largely unrestricted vision gives you a near-true field of vision, which is particularly important if you ride competitively or even recreationally with other riders.

Collateral Protection From ATV Goggles

Another aspect of design size is the additional protection that ATV goggles give you for the soft tissue around the eyes – the temples, brows and under-eye area – that are susceptible to injury from flying debris. For off-roading this is a crucial consideration. Additional protection may come in the form of UV rated and tinted lenses as well. This covers the full spectrum of eye protection that you need when considering a pair of ATV goggles.

You Get What You Give

Some other features are also a good idea as options when investing in a pair of protective ATV goggles, though this is more for your comfort as well as the longevity of your goggles. Scratch-resistance is a top consideration; because of the varied terrain types that the ATV can handle, it's good to be prepared for bits of rock, sand, and even wayward branches that'll come in the way when you ride. Scratch-resistant lenses like laminated glass and special polycarbonates, or even the laminated tear-offs that a lot of pros prefer will let you use the pair for a lot longer than the cheaper plastic models that are unfortunately offer cosmetic value rather than actual safety. Though there are brands available on the market for as little as $15, it might be a good idea to buy a more expensive brand that offers the additional features discussed here – roughly $40 to $80 will get you all of that; if you've got them to protect your eyes, there's little else you'll need.