Fiberglass and vinyl are the traditional materials used for swimming pools. However, a  lot of home owners are becoming more intrigued with wooden swimming pools for in ground and above the ground swimming pools. Wooden swimming pools doesn't really offer anything different, except they're more fashionable, and desirable compared to fiberglass and tile. If you have a traditional exterior look to your home, then wooden swimming pools can really blend in with your exterior home's decor.

However, let's face it, no one buys an expensive swimming pool just for decorative purposes. A good swimming pool needs to be stable, safe, and durable for kids and adults to swim in. The interior of wooden swimming pools will usually still feature vinyl, tile, or fiberglass. Wood rots and warps from water. So any quality wooden swimming pool should still feature an alternative lining for a quality, and durable above ground wooden swimming pool.  You'll save money when shopping for cheap above ground wooden swimming pools. There are always advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of before buying cheap above the ground swimming pool compared to in ground pools.

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Advantages to Buying an Above Ground Wooden Swimming Pool

The obvious answer would be the price range. If you're looking for cheap swimming pools, then above ground wooden swimming pools are without a doubt cheaper. However, no full sized swimming pool will be cheap. Outside the pool itself, you'll need to purchase a filter, a pool heater, and a pool pump. Although some above ground swimming pools might include filters as well. Not only are in ground swimming pools expensive, there are other aspects that can also be more of a  burden. Once an in ground pool is installed, obviously it's there for good. That can have an effect on property, and home value. In ground pools can be potentially dangerous for little kids, and pets as well. Something anyone with dogs, cats, or little kids should be really concern about.

Some above swimming pools can be set up yourself, and delivered to you. That saves time, money, and makes them more covenient. Obviously an in ground swimming pool will need a contractor, and that will cost even more money. The above ground pool wooden swimming pools that can be setup yourself don't offer as much room. Most that are already built are made for kids. For  larger above ground swimming pools for adults, they'll need to be built, and installed just like in ground pools.

If you have kids, then above ground swimming pools just make a lot more sense, and will save you thousands of dollars. A strong wooden base should hold up well, and keep the pool sturdy and safe. Above ground pool are much more practical for smaller backyards. An above ground wooden swimming pool goes great if you have a beautiful wooden deck in the backyard, or plan on building one around your pool.


Above Ground Swimming Pool

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Costs of Above Wooden Swimming Pools

Most bigger sized above wooden swimming pools will need to be installed. It depends on which wooden swimming pool you want to buy. The cheapest ones are the Intex 16 x 48 Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit. I'm sure you can find it at local stores. It's small, but big enough for kids to play in. Even adults can use it, however it doesn't leave much swimming room if you want something that allows you to really swim in. These are cheap, and cost anywhere between $900-$1,000 dollars which is a pretty good bargain for a swimming pool. Plenty of these cheap above wooden swimming pools for kids can be bought online at ebay, or amazon.

If you want a really good above wooden swimming pool, then simply have it installed and setup by a professional pool contractor. It will cost more money, but above swimming pools, especially wooden ones, will save you more money than vinyl, concrete, and fiber glass. A good in ground  swimming pool can go anywhere between $1,000-$10,000 dollars. Wooden ones will probably fall somewhere in the middle. It all depends on the size you plan to install, including pool decks and other accessories to go along with the pool. Of course this alone doesn't ball park the cost of installation, water heat pumps, cleaning appliances, chemicals, etc... Be prepared either way to spend a lot of money, even on a quality above ground wooden swimming pool. They're cheap compared to others, but will still cost thousands of dollars.