If you want to give your child the best birthday gift ever, then you should stop thinking about high priced toys at Toys R Us. You must avoid the temptation of just settling to choose from the many G.I Joe’s and the WWE figurines sold in the market.

Rather, you must go for something that will not only give your child endless hours of fun, but also open an opportunity for him to learn a skill or two.

The list of gifts that can have these two characteristics is quite long, but to be sure, you might want to consider buying acoustic guitars for kids.

Acoustic guitars for kids are the perfect gifts because they can be used by your children for the entire day, and you won’t have to worry about radiation, electricity, or any other matter.

All you have to do is teach them the basics of playing the guitar, and give them a songbook containing hits that they like. Give them CD’s which they can listen to – CD’s of the best bands in the world.

Chances are that he will grow a deeper love for music because of his guitar, a deeper appreciation that he may not experience if he did not have his own “axe.”

The Dean Playmate is one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners because it carries the basic functionalities of any guitar, but it is priced more than half of most guitars in the market.Youth Acoustic Guitar

The Dean Playmate measures thirty four inches, ideal for kids and other people with small hands. While it may be true that most of these guitars are questionable for long time use, this guitar is best for people who are just beginning to learn the craft.

Priced just under eighty dollars, the Dean Playmate is the only one of the numerous acoustic guitars for kids that will truly bring the artist in your kids.

However, that is not your only option. There are other 1/2 size and 3/4 sized guitars that act and sound just like the real thing. This is a great way to introduce the love of music to children.

They will appreciate such a cool gift, and they are assured of thousands of hours of fun. With every new song learned, your child will love his guitar – and music as a whole – even more.