If you’re looking for a cheap acoustic guitar for your child, there are a few things to keep in mind.  A cheap instrument is fine for a child six to ten years old but if your child is older you might want to get a better one. If your child is in the teenage years an electric guitar is a better choice because they will probably stick with lessons since they can learn all the songs from their favorite bands.  The best bet for a young child is to buy a cheap nylon string acoustic guitar because this will be easy on their fingers as they learn the basic notes and start to learn some songs.

If you child is taking music in school they usually start out on the nylon string guitar. Don’t go out and buy a full size acoustic for a child because not only will the instrument be too large for them to handle, they won’t be able to press down on the strings properly. You can buy smaller student-sized guitars that are either nylon string or regular steel string acoustic for your child to learn guitar on. In this article we’ll examine some cheap acoustic guitar brands.

Lauren 30" Student Guitar with Nylon Strings

A nylon guitar is technically a classical instrument but you can all it an acoustic guitar too. These instruments are the easiest for small children to learn on because the strings are soft and easy on their developing hands. A student needs time to develop callouses on their finger tips and guitars such as the Lauren 30" with nylon strings make this easier for them. Lauren also makes a 30" 1/2 size steel string acoustic in pink for little girls. A half sized guitar is easy to hold for children and to play.

Fender ESC-105 Full Size Classical Guitar

This is a full sized Fender Nylon guitar but the price is right and you'll be getting an instrument ffrom one of the greatest guitar makers of all time, Fender Musical Instruments. This one comes with a gig bag too. When I was learning guitar my first guitar was a Fender squire electric guitar. A fender nylon string would make an excellent first instrument for any child.

Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Bundle

While this instrument is $200.00 you get very good deal here. You get the Fg700s guitar along with a hard-shell guitar case. the case along would probably run you around $100.00. This instrument also comes with many accessories such as strings, picks, a peg winder, a capo, a learners DVD, and a strap. Guitar packages make excellent deals and this would make a great instrument to learn on for an older child.

Things to Look For in a Cheap Guitar

Classical GuitarCredit: Morguefile

You’ll find some decent instruments out there but there are some things to watch out for. I don’t recommend to my student’s or their parents that they buy a guitar through a catalog or through one of the big box stores. For the most part these instruments are of very poor quality and in some cases you will be overspending for what you do get in return. Most major guitar makers have cheap instruments that are suitable for beginners and children who want to learn how to play the guitar. Your guitar should come with at least a gig bag to protect the instrument and a hard-shell case is even better but not an absolute requirement. Remember that you’ll need to buy strings periodically for your new guitar as well as picks because children tend to lose them frequently. A good music stand is another wise purchase so your child has a place for their music papers and notes. You will be looking at between $200-$300 dollars by the time you are done buying everything, that is why the starter packages are such a great deal like the Yamaha C40 classical guitar package. I hope you find a good cheap guitar acoustic guitar for your child that they will be happy with and you will too.