When you are stuck to your leather couch in the heat of summer sweltering like some sort of farm animal you might wish for air conditioning, but since you spend all your money on that leather couch you might think that you can't afford one.

The good news is that there are really great cheap air conditioners available. Shopping online, or in appliance stores will give more options for cheap air conditioners than you will be able to choose from.

There are two different kinds of air conditioning systems that you can purchase. One is considered a 'unit'. These sit in your window, or are portable. They tend to only cool a small area, one or two rooms.

The other is a 'central system'. This is connected to the heating system in your house and will push cool air into each room through the central system.

I am sure that you can already tell which one will be cheaper. Getting an air conditioning unit is going to be less expensive. The good news is there are lots of great units on the market.

To get a cheap air conditioner there are some things to keep in mind. Cool air is not going to go around corners. If you plan to set your unit in a hallway and hope that it is going to make it into all of your bedrooms that won't work.

Cooling units are only going to work on a certain area, so you need to determine how big the area you want to cool is. If you have two rooms that are connected by an open space or archway this is one space.

You will also want to know how big your space is. Measure the length, width, and height of the room that you need cooled. When you are out shopping for your air conditioner you are going to need this information. It is also a great idea to measure the size of the window where you will be placing the unit.

Some of the window units do not list how big they are on their packaging. This means that you might have to measure the unit at the store, so don't forget your tape measure.

The best air conditioner for the least amount of money is the Kenmore 75050. This is a very basic unit with no frills, but if you want to have a cool bedroom it will get the job done. It has been highly rated by consumers.

The unit is also rated a quiet, which is important when you are trying to sleep with the unit on. It will not keep you up at night like a hotel cooling unit will. It comes with mechanical dials, it does not have a remote control, and it is not Energy Star rated, but as long as none of that bothers you this is the best cheap air conditioning unit you can find.