When you want to travel to Dubai, you likely want to find cheap air tickets. Dubai can be a wonderful place to travel in the middle east for all sorts of adventures from camel rides in the dessert to great vendor street shopping.

For more than a decade now, places like Abu Dhabi have been well regarded as an international playground of sorts. There are so many exciting local attractions from hot spots from beautiful shopping malls, to even ATM's that dispense gold instead of the local currency.

And though the local real estate market has cooled, it doesn't stop people from wanting to shop the local Dubai markets and experience some of the world's most luxurious hotels, including the world's only 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab.

Really, the average cost of a hotel and leisure activities aren't what is expensive in this United Arab Emirates' locale, quite frankly, it's the airfare and the airfare alone to Dubai that can range in the thousands of dollars.

That's why most want to find cheap flights to Dubai.

Tips For Cheap Airfare to Dubai:

Travel When It's Hot during April to October:

That's right you'll need to go to Dubai when most people don't. And that's when the temperatures are 40 degrees Celsius or more (104 degrees Fahrenheit). For obvious reasons, most people want to avoid Dubai at it's hottest. But if you want to get dirt cheap air fare to Dubai, you'll need to travel when most people won't want to go. Naturally prices are typically down when there is less demand for air travel. And though you may not be able to go on cool camel rides in Abu Dhabi, you may be able to go ice skating, another great activity to enjoy at the local malls, when you can't go to the dessert.

Go During Ramadan:

Ramadan is the most popular Islamic holiday all over the world, and of course in Dubai it would be no different. Search for cheap air tickets to Dubai during Ramadan. Be mindful however, that Ramadan is not the same date every year. You'll also want to be respectul of the Islamic practices as many local eateries are not open to the public during fasts. And it is even illegial in most places in Dubai to eat or drink in public from sunrise to sunset. The upside is that once the sun sets, there are often great festivities to take part in.

Fly In and Out of Mini Hubs:

Focus cities or mini hubs shouldn't be confused with major hub cities like New York or London. You'll spend a lot of money flying from New York to Dubai. Instead, look for mini-hubs like, Melbourne Airport, Singapore Shangi Airport, Bangkok Airport etc. These locations will offer a cheaper rate to Dubai.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Package Holidays to Dubai:

    Package holidays are actually one of the ways to make sure you get the absolute cheapest fare to Dubai. For obvious reasons when you combine air fare, hotel and transportation, you can get a better rate.

    Do you have any tips for cheap air tickets to Dubai?