There are many options for adventure in the great state of Alaska and tour agencies of all sorts offer many options for cheap Alaskan adventures. Prices will vary by length of stay, time of year, type of adventure or guided/unguided tours. Whenever you are price shopping be sure to know what is included and not included in the price of the tour and keep in mind that air fare to Alaska is generally extra.

Among the cheapest of Alaskan adventures are glacier tours. Glacier tours are short day trips lasting on average from four to eight hours in duration at an average cost of about $100 for kids and $150 for adults. Recommended gear includes camera, binoculars, sunscreen, layered clothing for the changing whether, and boots with a rubber sole. While a day trip might not seem exciting, toss in a rental car to drive to other glacier sites and make a longer go of it.

For a leisurely Alaskan adventure opt for one of the railway tours. Among the most popular of those is the Denali Star, running from Anchorage to Fairbanks with stops in Talkeetna and Denali. It's a great way to see the Alaskan back country in a warm and relaxing way. Some of the benefits include luxury coach commemorative souvenirs, private viewing decks, spectacular views of Mt. McKinley and priority boarding.

If you want to get your feet off the ground there are dozens of options for flight seeing tours. Some of the most common tours are based around Denali National Park. Other uses for flight seeing include reaching some of the more remote portions of the interior of Alaska, especially for hunting and fishing expeditions. Guided tours will naturally be more expensive, but unguided tours are also available. Fishing and hunting licenses are generally extra but are sometimes included in the price of the tour.

With so many Alaskan adventures to choose from its recommended that you speak with an Alaskan travel agency after you've selected a list of preferences. Some considerations might be method of travel (air, rail, cruise ship, river rafting), length of your vacation, expected level of amenities (some tours are more rustic than others), and whether you want to go hunting and fishing, rafting, simple sightseeing, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, railway trips, flight tours or cruises. If you plan ahead you can find the best rates on package deals and airfare to save even more money on a cheap Alaskan adventure.