I was talking to my Mom the other day and she kept telling me how much she wanted to go on a special cruise vacation with my daughter. I thought that it sounded like fun and I'm certainly glad to oblige as my Mom lives out of state and rarely gets to see her granddaughter. I told her it would be ok, but we needed to find a travel agent or online website that specializes in cheap all inclusive cruises.

In reality a normal vacation can cost more than just the airline ticket and the hotel rate. Once you factor in things such as car rental, car rental parking, daily food, daily snacks, missing toiletries, and even alcohol (beer and wine) before you know it, you have added 15 to 20 % more to the cost of your family vacation. In the economic situation most of us find ourselves in, it makes sense to be wise about saving money where we can.

Now I know what you might be thinking, going on a family cruise vacation doesn't seem like it could be really cheap. But I've got some great news for you. Now is one of the best times in modern history to think about taking a cruise. Cruise companies are hurting, bookings are way down, and companies are doing all they can to grab their potential customers extra dollars. Doing some due diligence while online can really save some money as well as even sometimes get you extra bonuses when you book through certain companies.

What's so great about cruising? Everything in my opinion. All inclusive cruises deals can cover your every basic need and its all included in one easy price. From the moment you arrive on your chosen ship, food, rooming, on board activities, drinks (and yes..sometimes even alcohol) are all included. All inclusive really means "the works".

Not to mention that on a cruise ship, you are travelling on what I like to think of as a large floating building. Seriously, except for rare occasions when the sea gets really rough, most times you don't even realize that you are on a boat. You can lounge by the pool all day or enjoy onboard games and poolside shows and then at night you can visit the multiple dance and dinner lounges, evening shows, art galleries, duty free shopping, and even the ship's casino. Crazy isn't it!?

But that's not even the best part of cruising. The absolute best part of the trip is that each morning you wake up on the ship, you are in a new port. In other words, you've arrived at a new city or a new island that can bring a wonderful new day of adventure. And guess what?...you didn't have to do anything! You went to sleep, they did all the driving and when you get up you get to see a brand new place. Its an amazing way to travel. Why not consider cheap all inclusive cruises the next time you are figuring out what you are going to do for your family vacation?