Fixed projector screens vary in price, depending largely on the size and the quality of the screen. Larger screens can end up being quite costly, in fact too expensive for some people. There are some simple alternatives to buying a fixed screen which can actually end up saving quite a bit of money and still result in good quality viewing.

Paint Your Own Screen On Your Wall: It is surprising how many people do this with very good results. The first thing you need to do is figure out how large you want the projected surface to be. Mark off the perimeters and then paint the rectangle directly on your wall with a suitable colored paint. Some people choose a white paint, others mix a silver paint with a white paint. It is really up to you and your preference. The next step is to find black masking tape and tape it around the perimeter of the painted surface which will give the effect of having a frame around your screen. This job can be completed in a couple of days, allowing sufficient time for the coats of paint to dry, and it will cost you very little to make this affordable fixed projector screen.

Buy Blackout Cloth and Attach it to the wall: This will require a few handyman skills as you will need to first build a frame and then attach the cloth to it. The pros of this approach over simply painting the wall is that it provides you with a moveable screen. The cons are that you are limited in screen size to the width of the blackout material you buy.

Buy White Polywall: This can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes, and is relatively cheap. One side is textured, the other smooth. You should use the smooth side for your screen. It can be framed simply by adding a black felt ribbon around the perimeter of the board. Again you have a movable screen that costs a fraction of what a regular fixed projector screen would. It can then be attached to the wall using screws or nails. Remember to paint the screws or nails black, to match the trim, once you are done.

If none of these options suit, you may want to research further for cheaper fixed projector screens. DaLite makes some very reasonably cheap screens, or alternatively you could simply buy a frame and then attach your own material to it.