Buying quality porcelain door knobs may be a great way to improve the look of your home one detail at a time. Antique porcelain door knobs are relatively affordable when compared to more expensive decorative items like crystal door knobs with expensive door knob backplates but when compared to the less expensive and more common knobs made of brass or nickel these door knobs look better and cost a bit more. They are in fact a good middle ground for decorative hardware and a good alternative for people who do not like the look of glass or crystal.

Porcelain is like crystal in that it is a mix of materials. Crystal drawer pulls and other pieces of fine hardware are a mix of glass and iron creating an extremely hard and durable glass which is quite expensive. Porcelain is related in that it is a mix of clay and granite fired at extremely high temperatures to form a very hard and durable piece. Because the process of making porcelain is more complicated and due to the fine materials it takes to make porcelain the costs can be expensive.

Despite this the process of making porcelain also allows for many variations in color. Many porcelain door knobs come in standard boilerplate white or ivory. White porcelain door knobs are quite common and are often dressed up with patterns or prints or with metallic accents such as brass or stainless steel. The fancier the porcelain the higher the prices as well. You can usually find simple porcelain door knobs for less than ten dollars however it is not uncommon to find them as high as thirty of forty dollars as the knobs get more fancy and delicate.

Porcelain as opposed to glass or crystal tend to lead itself to many more decorative options. Depending on the color you can easily pair porcelain hardware with brushed nickel cabinet pulls and handles in a single room and everything would continue to look uniform and well designed. In a bedroom decorative dresser drawer handles can be matched to the porcelain door knobs based on color and design bringing uniformity to the room.

Porcelain can effectively be made to be black, brown, white, blue, or just about any color so you should easily be able to make them work for your room's overall design. Assuming you are willing to pay a little more than the low prices of generic interior door knobs you will be able to easily address the details of your interior design.

When you are in the planning stages of your interior design project you should make sure to plan for all the other types of decorative hardware you may need because buying your hardware online is almost always the best choice. Because of shipping charges it is almost always best to buy your items in bulk and at the same time to get the full benefits of bulk pricing and combined shipping. Common items to include with your order include decorative cabinet backplates, door knob backplates, dresser drawer pulls, decorative door hinges, and anything else you might be incorporating into your interior design.

All of these pieces are items that one their own are quite inexpensive but when purchased in a quantity large enough to replace all generic hardware in your home can add up. Think about how many door knobs, drawer pulls, door hinges, and electrical outlet cover your have in your house. Saving a few bucks on a per unit basis can add up really quick especially as your home gets larger.

Once you determine what you need to replace your home's hardware then you simply need to start shopping around for the best prices around. You can start by heading down to your local hardware store or home improvement store however the chances of finding everything you need there in stock are fairly low. Your chances will be especially low when you are looking for specialty items like black porcelain door knobs or any other similarly fancy piece of hardware.

Unless you are very lucky the best place to buy your decorative porcelain door knobs and related hardware is to start shopping at one or many of the small specialty hardware shops online. These shops often have far better variety as the stores typically are a warehousing outfit which can stock amazing amounts of variety in just about any kind of hardware item you can think of. Your local home depot has to stock common items in every genre of home improvement but a specialty hardware store can stock every type of door knob imaginable and can keep the prices lower on these units because of lower overhead costs.

Some good stores to start looking into include hardware specialty stores like Door Knob Discount Center, Pottery Barn, or The Hardware Hut. Each of these types of hardware stores can offer some good options at good prices and if you need even more variety you can always spend plenty of time going through the items in stock over on Amazon or eBay which bring small retailers to customers that they wouldn't ordinarily find. Amazon has a large pool of retailers that use their platform and the site makes it extremely easy to comparison shop for the best price porcelain door knobs, cabinet pulls, and drawer handles around.

Once you start comparison shopping for your porcelain door knobs you may find that your creative mind gets inspired by all the options. You may also find that you can afford to work on more interior design elements of your home as the prices are likely to be far less than those of your local home improvement store. Just make sure to buy everything at once as most places will charge shipping and you will want to minimize this cost as best you can. Although buying in bulk will usually save more than enough money on your purchase to cover the cost of shipping charges. Porcelain door knobs aren't cheap but if you shop smart you can definitely afford them and other fine accents.