Cheap Area Rugs

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to decorating your house; cheap area rugs is only one of the many that are available. They can be aesthetically amazing, as well as serve many practical functions at the same time; however, they can be quite costly if you do not know which models to look for. You can buy some cheap area rugs for less than $200 that are roughly the same quality and design of those that cost upwards of $2000; you simply have to know which models to look for. This article lists the 5 most common types of cheap area rugs, as well as the best models within those types; these models will guarantee your satisfaction, alongside with allowing you to avoid emptying your wallet.

Braided Cheap Area Rugs

These are great because the craftsmanship that goes into them is simply phenomenal. In addition to providing great comfort for your feet, these look absolutely amazing, and usually support unique designs. You should definitely consider these models when you are looking at this type:

Laminet Cover Co. Set Of 4 Carpet Stair Treads $24.99

Stroud Braided Watermelon $24.99

Colonial Mills Oval Runner Oak Harbour Dusk $29.99

Stroud Braided Apple $32.99

Stroud Braided Oval Brown Tweed $23.99

Color-Bound Cheap Area Rugs

The beautiful thing about this type is that they are simple, but elegant at the same time. Most of these color-bound cheap area rugs simply serve as accents to a base color of a floor. For instance, a green color-bound carpet being placed on plain white tiles will allow them to be spiced up greatly, and ultimately look better. It is important to consider these models first:

Area Rug World Hand Woven Jute With Khaki Cotton $109.99

Home Decorators Collection Checkers Mat $119.99

Chevron Commercial Entrance Mat $109.99

Notrax Chevron Entrance Mat $89.99

Hand-Knotted Cheap Area Rugs

These are perfect examples of how humans can create amazing works of art using simple tools and materials. These hand-knotted cheap area rugs will keep you starring and wondering how somebody could have created something this beautiful. With the majority of their price tags not exceeding the hundred dollar mark, it is easy to see why these models can be a great purchase:

Heritage Unlimited Hand-Knotted Wool Modern Tibet Rug $33.99

Surya Avalon $99.99

Heritage Unlimited Blue Hand-Knotted Kilim $149.99

Heritage Unlimited Hand-Knotted Wool Modern Tibet Runner $79.99

Area Rug World Woven Treaures Green Wool $299.99

Hand-Tufted Cheap Area Rugs

These carpets offer great looking models for a decently modest price! Their designs usually utilize a large variety of colors, and hand-tufted cheap area rugs have a wide variety of prices attached to them. You can get some for less than $50, as well as much more than $500; the degree of the price that you are willing to pay will greatly determine the quality and craftsmanship that you will receive.

Safavieh CL244A Burgundy $59.99

Safavieh Classic CL755B Black Round $47.99

Safavieh Anatolia AN549B 12' Handmade $629.99

Safavieh Persian Court Ivory 8' $289.99

Uniflame Corporation Wool Hearth Rug $129.99

Fireproof Cheap Area Rugs

Although you may think that fireproof cheap area rugs may serve no purpose in your household, you will quickly change your mind upon seeing how great they look. Even if you are not purchasing these models for the fireproofing feature, it is important to recognize how this will benefit your home in a home decorating manner.

Market Merchants Charcoal Half Round Hearth $79.99

Flokati Faux Fur $49.99

Flokati Faux Sheepskin Fur Pelt $39.99

Market Merchants Braided Wool $119.99

These models can definitely benefit any home in which they are placed in both a decorating, and practical manner; they will add to the aesthetic value of the home, and provide a comfortable feeling for the feet that pass over them. Many models can run you up thousands of dollars without even being at the tip of the iceberg; however, there are many models that will only hurt your wallet slightly. This article lists multiple models of cheap area rugs that will allow you to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the product, as well as be satisfied with the price!