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1.Want to go vacations? India is not a bad choice.

Holiday season is one of the most awaited by anyone in the whole world because of the holiday season is a time where everyone can go to spend time together cause usually everyday we are busy with our business so the time for being together with family is more rarely and usually our child complain of that, So the holiday season is the time to a family to gathering and spend time together .most people traveling abroad or a holiday there is also a holiday in the country. For those of us who have never come to visit India, the country is not one bad place for a vacation destination because here we get to know new culture usual and here we also see a new world that we never usually see them every day because of their cultural system.

There are many places we can visit in India and also once a place of food we must try in India because the food there different from the existing food in most other countries because they have distinctive characteristics or special menus that have never been anywhere. As long as we visited in India we should visit and see first hand the great sandstone carcass of the Red Fort, Humayun's Tomb, The Imperial Hotel, and many places of interest that we can visit his time there, and usually the women always want to shop wherever they go on holiday and here we can also find plenty of shopping for presents another family or usually used alone. many stuff and present we can buy in here and there is so many art and culture we can see and know, Most people love India by the culture and the art of the county and so the history of the first India that will impress so many people to learn and know cause the unique culture and art.

And usually holiday in India many people who say that we can enjoy our leisure time with satisfaction and with the price not too expensive, because many people who already go there and say that they are not too much to pay a lot during their holiday in India, and also existing hotels also provide good facilities and also the price is not too expensive, so it can be said holiday vacation in India is a Fun and holidays can be said that not a lot of money for vacations costs .for us who have never come to India , If the vacation time to come, India could become one of the attractive vacation spot for us to spend our vacation time with family. If we are still doubt to go to the India for the vacations so first we can search in the internet more about India and what we can find and do when we go there, and of course we can find many travel agent who arrange our vacations in India and we don't have to worry where we can go and over the night in India cause the travel agent will do all they job and we just pay them and we can enjoy the vacations.

2. Going vacations to Philippines

Vacation time is highly anticipated by all members of the family and the people usually spend their holidays with their families or their partners for those who have not married, now we can visit places to go on holiday and also we can see beforehand goals that we want to go, just by using the Internet we can choose the location where our holiday with families and couples, on the Internet we can find many places we can go according to our ability and if we do not want to bother to find a place to stay and where the location -location vacation so we just stayed selecting travel agent who is also a lot we can find in our internet and just pay and they will arrange everything for our family for a vacation but usually by contributing to our travel agents can not get enough to pay a visit to nearby interesting place because they usually already have a schedule of places to be visited and we must follow the schedule of events so that they make to certain places that we wanted to linger we can not because if we go on tour we have to follow the tour guide which will always guide us in all the tourist sites up to where we rest, and the essence if we want to be completely satisfied then we have to go alone, and we are free to visit different places pleased ,and we don't should be hurry by time and the tour guide .

One vacation spot that we can consider in choosing where to vacation in the Philippines is vacations, why? Because here we invite our family or our spouse or look towards a new we can not normally find in our daily lives, since the Philippines is very famous for its beautiful nature, culture and food that have a characteristic that we can not find in the State others, only in the Philippines, on vacation in the Philippines will become a new adventure for us and the family or with our spouse because a lot of places and sights can be visited and a lot of food places are very different from what we usually find .and also places There is a variety of lodging is a lot of places that we can choose and we customize to our financial condition during vacation place or hotel there is also very much of a regular class to upper class,

What makes the Philippines became more famous is the culture and exquisite natural beauty and also a diverse community of cultures and languages of about 90% this Christian society was formed nearly 400 years since the Philippines by American and Spanish rule that makes the most of the population here is more much inclination toward the west, but still did not leave their very deep tradition, history of Philippines also one for tourist attraction power that makes them always want to return again to Philippines In Philippines Also we can find more about 87 language who used daily- days that make one country is the interesting sights and culture apart from its location, attractions and sights within, and also eat all of this can only be found in the Philippines and will make our holiday a holiday which will not be forgotten.