Date nights are so important when it comes to relationships and bonding, but it can be hard to go out every week.  Whether you have kids at home and don't want to spend the extra money for a babysitter or you just don't feel like going out, there is no reason you can't enjoy a date at home as much as a date out on the town.  So sit back and enjoy one of these great ideas at home with your significant other! 

Spa Night

Now you might think this is something better suited for a girl's night in rather than a date night, but that is not the case!  Most men enjoy relaxing and primping even if they won't admit it.  And they are sure to love this night if planned right.  There are any number of things you can do to have a successful spa night!  Set the mood by lighting some candles and playing some quiet music in the background to really get the spa feel.  Face masks are a great way to start, and can be found inexpensively at a Walmart or similar store.  While you are soaking in your masks you might try a soothing foot bath with either a homemade soak or some store bought bath salts.  Once you finish and remove your masks you can end the night right by giving each other a massage. 

spa at home

Taste Testing

This idea works well as a date for two, but its also a great idea for a fun group date.  The idea is to blindly taste items and figure out what you are tasting.  There are a couple of ways to go about doing this.  First you will need to decide what items you wish to taste.  You can either pick an item like chips and buy a few different brands and try to guess which brand is which, or to make it easier you can just buy one name brand item and one store brand item and try to find the difference between the two (this option is also cheaper).  Some good things you could try are chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, soda, chips, or popcorn.  But anything you can find with more than one brand will work!  Next, get some cups or plates ready and mark them with either a one or a two (or more if you have more groups) for the groups you will be comparing.  Put a small amount of each item into one of the marked containers.  If this is a date for two, each of you will prepare the containers for the other so you know the correct answers for each other.   Now blindfold the first person and have them taste each item and guess which is which!  When everyone is done, score your answers and see who knows their food better!   

compare food

Indoor Camping

Want to enjoy the fun of camping without all the dirt, bugs, and hard rocks? Do it in your living room!  Start the night by making tinfoil dinners in the oven.  When it's time for s'mores, if you have a way to roast them in your home then go for it! If not, you can make them in the oven.  Just place graham crackers on a baking sheet and put a marshmallow on top of each cracker.  Cook in a 450 degree oven for a few minutes until the marshmallow starts to turn brown. Pull them out and add some chocolate and another graham cracker, and you are good to go!  Now, if you have a tent that will fit in your living room, set it up and sleep there for the night.  If you don't, you can make a fort with blankets and pillows instead.  Once your sleeping arrangements are ready, pull out the sleeping bags and enjoy your night!

indoor tent

Cooking Competition

Instead of going out to eat, spend the evening making your own dinner! Now how can you make this more exciting?  Give each other a set of ingredients that you can find in your home already and set a time limit.  The goal is for both of you to make a dinner you can enjoy.  You can leave it at that or set some limitations. Maybe you will both make a main dish or a dessert or a side dish.  Maybe you will set a theme where both dishes need to be Italian.  It's up to you and that's part of the fun!  When the time runs out and both dishes are made, try them both and decide who is the better cook!  This idea also works well for a double date where couples compete against each other.


Now pick a date and enjoy your night in together!