Hockey fans are sure to want an authentic jersey from their favourite team. But real NHL jerseys are just so expensive these days. Where can you get an NHL jersey that's both affordable and authentic? That's what we are looking at today. We are giving you a list of the best sites to go to for your jerseys. If you are shopping for cheap, authentic NHL jerseys, then read on to find out what your best options are going to be...


It shouldn't surprise you that Ebay is top of our list here. There are some serious bargains to be had for the savvy shopper, and you can get a great deal. However, the risk of shopping on Ebay is that you can never be too sure what you're getting. You'll need to take every precaution to make sure that what you pay for is what you get, and that you're getting an authentic product. But if you're willing to take the risk then you might get a steal on an NHL jersey here.

Despite the extremely long name, this site is one of the best online for getting authentic NHL jerseys at bargain, wholesale prices. They've got a huge range of teams and sizes, so you'll be sure to get exactly what it is that you're looking for. Plus, you're looking at steep discounts here. Unlike shopping on Ebay, there's a lot less risk going with this site, and the site has a great customer reputation.

D.H. Gate is a great site for all kinds of clothing bargains, and they've got a huge range of NHL jerseys on sale. You will need to be careful though, since some of these offers are wholesale prices and have minimum order numbers. If you're looking to get a batch of three to five shirts you're going to get awesome prices, but even the prices on the single jersey offers are pretty good here.

This site supplies jerseys for all the main sports, which is why it's called NFL Jersey Supply, but they have got plenty of NHL shirts too. You're looking at some amazing prices here with huge discounts, and they have got all of your favorite teams from a variety of countries, including harder to find European and Russian teams. Check them out and see what you can find, NFL Jersey Supply is a great resource.

Again, this site is for all kinds of different sports, but they've got NHL shirts too. Just click on the NHL button and you'll get a list of all the main US and Canadian teams to choose from. Prices are excellent here, though the selection isn't quite as big as it is on other sites. Still, if you're looking for a popular team you should be fine at Cheap for Jerseys.

Though the domain name is Russian, this site is all in English and features all the top NHL teams that you're looking for. Prices are extremely low on jerseys, though mailing fees are a bit higher than on other sites that we've seen. The range at Pick Up Jerseys is limited, not all sizes are available in all shirts, but it's still worth a look around to see if you can find what you want.

Great Factory is an awesome site for all kinds of clothing, especially designer brands and sports brands. Of course, they carry a wide range of NHL jerseys too. Prices aren't the lowest on the market, and you might be able to find a bit cheaper elsewhere, but this site has a good reputation for providing quality merchandise, so it might be worth paying a bit more for peace of mind.

Finally, Hockey Monkey might be one of your best options for buying really authentic NHL jerseys online. You're not getting discounts quite as steep as you'll get with other sites, though quite often you'll get around fifty percent off. But the range here is amazing, and the jerseys are absolutely verified and authentic, so again, you might be paying a little more but you're safe in the knowledge that you're getting exactly what you want.