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Cheap BMX bikes and Good BMX Bikes under $100?

Cheap and good do not always fall into the same category. However, if you are on limited budget, you know that cheap is good. Is it really possible to find cheap and good BMX bikes? Cheap BMX bikes will depend on what your definition of cheap is. If you want a cheap and good BMX bike for under $100, you might just as well stop searching. That being said, it is possible to get a decent BMX bike for less than $100.

Where can you get a decent cheap and good BMX bike for under $100?

The best place to look for cheap and good BMX bike under $100 is e-Bay and Craigslist. The problem is actually not about finding the cheap and good BMX bike for under $100. The problem is how to know which cheap and good BMX bikes are worth $100. The fact that you are searching on e-Bay or Craigslist implies that you will not be getting a brand new BMX bike for under $100. You also need to know how to bid on e-Bay if you want to get some great deals. The best thing to do is bid low for the cheap and good BMX bike you want to buy. Build up your bid slowly and see what happens. Don't get overly excited about the cheap BMX bike. If you don't win the bid, just move on to another seller. The great thing is that there are hundreds of good and cheap BMX bikes to choose from.

What should you look for when choosing a cheap and good BMX bike?

What do you want to do with your BMX bike? Are you into freestyle riding? Do you just want to do little stunts on your BMX around your neighborhood? Are you trying to figure out if a BMX bike is for you? Do you want to do a bit of outdoor living and exercise at the same time. Do you want to hang out with friends who already have a BMX? If you already have friends who already own BMX, you might be able to sweet talk one of them to sell is old BMX to you for under $100. This should not be too hard to do because those who have good BMX bikes tend to want to upgrade after a while. You might also want to ask the selling if the cheap and good BMX you plan to buy has been used heavily for dirt jumping. This is important because you don't want to buy a cheap BMX bike with a broken frame.

You should pay attention to the frame of the cheap BMX bike you intend to buy in order to make sure it fits well with your height. If you plan on doing stunts with your BMX bike, think also about the weight of the bike you plan to buy. How good are the tires and the braking system (you don't need brakes?)? When you want to perform stunts, safety is also important. A good thing might also be to go to your local BMX shop and test a few bikes. You can test how the BMX bike feels and make a note of the model. Armed with that knowledge, you can then search online for some great deals.

Cheap Street BMX Bikes versus cheap Dirt BMX Bikes

All BMX bikes are not born equal. If you just want to ride your good BMX bike from one location to the other, it doesn't really matter what type of BMX bike you buy. However, you need to be aware that cheap Dirt BMX bikes are not like the others. They look more like mountain bikes (lower) but they are stronger and will withstand crazy things you might want to do with them. That also explains the name dirt jumping BMX bikes. Street BMX bikes are not that reinforced hence, they are not meant for the dirt tracks.