If you are looking for cheap BMX bikes, you are about to find out about some of the best cycles available for low, discount prices. You might be pleasantly surprised at how many good cheap BMX bikes for sale there are to choose from and you can rest easy knowing that you don't always have to worry about getting a junky cycle for the reduced price. There are literally dozens upon dozens of clearance models available from all the major brands including Redline, Mongoose, DK, Diamondback, Sunday, Eastern, Haro and many more.

Cheap BMX Bikes for Sale

Finding Cheap BMX Bikes for Sale

There are a couple of easy methods to go about your search for discount cycles. Whether you want a racing, trick, freestyle or dirt model, you can start by checking out the local cycle shop when you know that companies are getting ready to release a new line-up. Cheap BMX bikes for sale are going to be the ones that are marked down to clearance status due to the fact that they are depreciating in value from nothing more than time. Cycle shops will be scrambling to get rid of the models from last year to make sure they have room for the new ones.

You can also look for cheap BMX bikes for sale online. In fact, this method is highly recommended simply because you don't have to settle with shopping at just one or two stores. Plus, it doesn't take nearly as long to browse the selection of a dozen stores online as it does if you were to drive around town. There is no shortage of resources for buying cheap BMX bikes for sale online and each outlet will provide you with a new list of options to consider. While one site may have only the popular brands like Eastern, Diamondback and Mongoose while another one may also have Haro, GT, DK and Redline as well.

Another effective way to get a discount price on a nice freestyle, racing, trick or dirt cycle is to buy used cheap BMX bikes for sale online. People from all over the country are using eBay and Craigslist to get rid of their old cycle, so don't hesitate to take advantage of all the great deals before someone else does!

Additionally you can check out some local cycle shops, pawn shops and other outlets that way you can be sure whichever cheap BMX bikes you consider are in top-notch condition and well worth the money. Sporting goods stores also sometimes buy and sell used cycles so you can give them a visit as well. If you run out of options or just want more to consider, there's always the old-fashioned method of asking around your neighborhood. This is one of the easiest ways to save money and as long as you take your time and do your research you can score a killer deal and give your wallet a break.

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $300

In this section we'll take a look at some of the best models available for less than three hundred dollars. This is a great price range because it's not too high and not too low. You can almost guarantee that any cheap BMX bikes under $300 will be worth the money unless you start looking too low, which we'll discuss in the next parts below. Here is a chart that you can use as a reference to help you get started.

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $300
Brand Model Type Size Price
Eastern Ramrodder Teen Freestyle 20" $299
GT Zone Kids Freestyle 20" $299
Diamondback Joker Teen Freestyle 20" $220
Mongoose Mischief Freestyle 20" $270
Eastern Cobra Freestyle 20" $240

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $200

Now we are getting to a price range that you have to be a little more cautious of. While it is still relatively easy to find cheap BMX bikes under $200 that are actually more expensive models that are simply marked down to a discount or clearance price because it's the right time of year, you want to try and avoid those that are actually retailed at less than two hundred dollars. The only exception is if you are buying a freestyle, racing, dirt or trick cycle for kids.

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $200
Brand Model Type Size Price
Diamondback Grind Boys Freestyle 20" $150
Mongoose Spin Boys Freestlye 20" $150
Eastern Lowdown Boys Freestyle 20" $180
Diamondback Viper Boys Freestyle 20" $160
Mongoose KO Boys Freestyle 20" $130

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $100

Again, unless you are shopping for a child, getting a cycle for a price this low is very risky. There is one exception however--and this goes for the other prices as well--and that is if you find a good deal on a used cycle. Buying new cheap BMX bikes under $100 that adults and teens could actually ride is nearly impossible. All of the discount cycles for less than one hundred dollars listed below are for kids. Most of them are actually for toddlers who still need training wheels.

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $100
Brand Model Type Size Price
Mongoose Strike Boys Freestyle 20" $98
Kent Ambush Boys Freestyle 20" $99
Mongoose R2261WMB Girls Freestyle 20" $95
Mantis Burmeister Toddler with Training Wheels 16" $70
Mongoose Radical Boys Freestyle 18" $95

Cheap BMX Bikes with Pegs

If you are an extreme cycle enthusiast who enjoys trick and freestyle riding then you will probably be wanting to find some models that have pegs installed so you can grind. It's not necessary to buy cheap BMX bikes with pegs because you can always buy aftermarket components and install them later, but getting them all in one package for an inexpensive price is truly a great bargain. Luckily, there are a few discount models with these accessories and here they are:

Cheap BMX Bikes with Pegs
Brand Model Type Size Price
Mongoose Spree Girls Freestyle 20" $130
Mongoose Mischief Boys Freestyle 20" $270
XG3 Contact Boys Freestyle 20" $150
GT Slammer Freestyle 20" $270
Razor Starlite Girls Freestyle 20" $80

With all of these fancy graphs and the wealth of information I have provided here in this article, I sincerely hope you learned at least a little something about how to save the most money on cheap BMX bikes for sale.