What is it about a baby piano that makes a home so much richer and comfortable? Perhaps it's the ability to come home after a stressful day of work and have the freedom to express your self and rid the body of tension. Perhaps it's the vibrations flowing through the house as a child or relative pours their body and soul directly into the air. Maybe it is the elegant curves that balance and contrast the sharp corners of a square room. Regardless of whether we know these reasons or not, there is no doubt that walking into a room with a baby grand perpetuates mysterious emotions and moods. There is no doubt that having one opens you and your family up to the possibilities of experiencing centuries of culture and entertainment inspired by people from all around the world. Plus, admit it. You've always just wanted one. There are a few things to consider if you are thinking about looking for a baby grand piano.

piano (38724)Full sized grand pianos can be extremely expensive, but upright pianos don't have the same quality sound and aesthetically pleasing shape of a grand piano. Deciding on a baby grand can be affordable and satisfy the stylistic standards of your home. They come in various colors and textures. Some examples of wood veneers are cherry, oak, walnut, and mahogany. Going with the traditional black will add a striking elegance to your home. Many shades of white are also available, which is a crowd favorite that is versatile and easy to match.

What to Look For When Buying a Baby Grand Piano

Be sure to make plenty of space. The piano makes a good focal point for any room and clutter and cramming can take away from that. The standard size for a grand piano is 1.5 meters in length varying slightly in either direction. Of course nothing is probably more important than the sound of the piano. If your not an expert on the sound of pianos, your should try actively listening to some recordings of songs that you think have great piano tone. This way when you go hammer out some notes on one, you will be able to hear right away if it is the sound you're looking for. If you know someone who plays piano, ask them to go with you to look. Set your sights on finding an adjustable piano bench as well. This is crucial even if you expect even just one other person to be playing it. Professional players are particular about the position and level that play at and you should be to. Some of the most popular brands to consider are Yamaha, Kawaii, and Boston (Steinway).

Where to Look For Baby Grand Pianos

Even if you are planning on buying a used baby grand piano, you will still want to check out the stores and take a look at some brand new ones to get an idea of what they are supposed to look and sound like. Pianos were a hot commodity in recent history and could be found in nearly every American home during the mid nineteen hundreds. So there is not a shortage of used baby grand pianos to be found. Looking online you are sure to find dozens to hundreds of options locally. It is a bonus if the piano has been inspected. If you are looking to buy brand new, make sure you inquire about the warranty as well as free inspection for later. Many new pianos come with a free inspection.

How Much do Baby Grand Pianos Cost?

Buying a baby grand piano brand new can be pricy. If you include used pianos you can have a budget as low as 2000$. There are many places that will restore a used piano and this can be a viable option if the piano your buying is very cheap. Restoration costs can be as low as 3000$ even for a severely damaged or worn piano. Usually people sell pianos because they really want to get rid of them, so it shouldn't be hard to bargain. Really push for a lower price.

If you regularly tune a used piano it will still sound fine. People typically attribute an unpleasant honky-tonk sound to the fact that a piano is old but this can usually be solved with a simple tuning.