This is a baby shower planning story where Alice and Brenda use cheap baby shower party supplies to create an unforgettable experience for Cathy.

Mommy Alice and Mommy Brenda are planning a baby shower for their first- time-mommy-to-be friend Cathy.

Having already hosted each other’s showers, Alice and Brenda are seasoned vets at baby showers, so planning Cathy’s shower should be a stroller walk in the park.

In order to stay organized, which is crucial for planning any event, the duo has decided to have frequent get-togethers in order to keep their work load in check and make sure they have gotten all the necessary supplies.

In order to get cheap baby shower party supplies they will need to prepare in advance, getting things last minute always end up costing more.

Shower in T-two months…

Alice: “Ok, first things first, we need to set a date for the shower and make a guest list. We also need to choose a location. Is the shower going to be in Cathy’s home, or should we book a hall or restaurant?”

Brenda: “Right. I think having it at Cathy’s home will be best. That way we can decorate as we want and play lots of games. After we make the guest list, we will need to get invitations.

T-two weeks…

Alice: “All the food has been taken care of, so now we need to worry about buying decorations and party favors and planning the games. We will definitely need balloons, streamers, and a floral centerpiece.

We could also get creative and make decorations out of baby bottles, rattles, and stuffed animals. Another great idea would be to lay out markers, crayons, and construction paper and have each guest create a personalized card with words of advice for the mommy-to-be. We can save a lot of money and get cheap baby shower supplies by getting them online.

Brenda: “Great idea! For games, we could play “Finish the Baby Rhyme,” “Guess the Baby Picture,” or a funny spoof on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” called “Pin the Sperm on the Egg.”

T-3 days…

Alice: “Ok, we’ve confirmed our guest list and followed up on all the guests who have not yet RSVP’d. Now, we need to do a thorough house cleaning and buy all the non-perishable and frozen food items for our menu. Also, we can’t forget to get the “Thank You” cards!”

Brenda: “Yes. We also need to prepare our party favors. I think the baby bottles filled with candy will be a big hit! I also liked the idea of doing cookie cutters in the shape of babies, baby bottles, and pacifiers. Baby magnets with mommy-to-be’s due date would have worked well too.” Baby Shower Party Day!

Alice: “I’ll go pick up all the fresh items, including the cake, flowers, and helium balloons.”

Brenda: “Great. I’ll put fresh towels in the bathroom, start setting up the food items, and find a pen and pad of paper to record all of the gifts. This is going to be so much fun!”