In order to maintain your comfort and mobility you want to find the right badminton clothing. You're going to be doing a lot sweating and a lot of shuffling around. If you have restrictive clothing that isn't made for the unique movements of the game, you'll be at a competitive disadvantage.

What To Consider When Picking Out Badminton Clothing?

The material, brand and make of your clothing needs to be taken into consideration when you're picking badminton clothingout your attire. You want something that will allow you to stay comfortable when you're sweating, diving and batting all over the court. You'll want it to be high quality and durable to withstand a minor beating.

The material you choose will ultimately determine the breathability of your shirt. Athletic clothing material technology has come a long way. There are some shirts that absorb sweat and maintain a cool body temp at the same time. You don't want something that will soak up sweat, stick to your body, and raise your body temp. Your movements will be restricted and you won't be comfortable on the court.

Your ultimate goal is to maintain comfort. You need to do that by finding close that are fit properly for badminton. Most racket sports clothing will suffice when it comes to picking out badminton clothing. There should be enough room for full shoulder rotation and extension.

Where Can You Buy Badminton Clothing?

You can buy badminton clothing anywhere racket sports equipment is sold. is a badminton specific online retailer that sells clothing. If you are aware of the material you want you can go ahead and order through there.

You can find a good deal on badminton clothing by searching eBay or Amazon. Both are massive sources of discount items. Badminton clothing may seem like a niche specific item that they wouldn't carry. You will be surprised to find they have a wide selection of badminton clothing. If you want something that is specifically made for the game, but doesn't cost more than it should, check out amazon and eBay.

How Much Does Badminton Clothing Cost?

Badminton clothing costs the same as any athletic specific apparel. You can expect to pay between $20 and $90 for a badminton shirt. The price ultimately depends on the material and breathability of the shirt. Shorts will normally cost in the range of $20 to $30 as well. You want shorts that are short enough so they allow for maximum mobility. Wearing shorts that are too long will get caught on your knees and restrict your movement.

What Badminton Clothing Do I Need?

You need the regular essentials to dress for a badminton match. You need a shirt that will keep you cool and allow for max mobility. You need shorts that are secure and non-restricting. You want shoes that will support the unique movements a badminton match requires. You want socks that are padded enough and absorbent enough for your sweaty feet. The more you sweat the more likely your socks are to fail. Investing in a good pair of socks can't be understated. They're probably the most underrated piece of badminton clothing on a player.

On top of the essentials you might want some unique items. Wristbands will keep your hands from getting any unnecessary sweat down your palms. They will also be a go to spot for wiping your head to remove sweat from your brow. You could go for a head band or cap as well. This is all a matter of personal preference. Whatever you do though, don't overdo the accessories. You'll quickly look like a fool with double wristbands, plus a head band. Keep it simple.

Putting together your badminton apparel set can keep you comfortable and give you the edge you need to succeed. When you're picking out badminton clothing the main thing to consider is material and mobility.