Have you ever wanted to own some authentic Scottish bagpipes? Bagpipes are one of the most unique instruments you can learn to play.

They take patience and skill to master. Oliver Herford—an American author in the early 1900’s—once said, “The Irish gave the bagpipes to the Scots as a joke, but the Scots haven’t got the joke yet.” The joke just might be on the Irish because the search for cheap bagpipes for sale has revealed a huge number of would-be bagpipers eagerly ready to play.

Fun fact: bagpipes are not commonly made only in Scotland! A great majority come from Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Pakistan, and Australia. Who knew!

So, the next time you’re trekking through shops in Scotland and see a supreme set of bagpipes, know that you can probably find the exact same thing online for a fraction of the price. In fact, bagpipes can come surprising cheap—as in $500 or less. When seeking cheap bagpipes for sale, here’s what you need to know: Bagpipe Chalice

1. The typical Pakistani-crafted bagpipe looks just like that gorgeous bag of pipes in Scotland, but they sell for around $200.

2. Just because Pakistani brings “mid-east” to mind does not mean you should gleefully purchase a cheap set of pipes that are made by “Mid-Eastern Bagpipe Company” or “Mid-East Manufacturing Company.” If you see names like these, I joke not when I say run! The prices are going to look amazing, but be a complete waste of your time. The quality is terrible.

3. What brands should you look for? Here’s the list: Fisher, Kintail, C.E. Kron, Sinclair, R.G. Hardie, D.M. Atherton, MacLellan, Booth, J. Dunbar, Gibson, Gellaitry, Great Highlands BagpipePeter Henderson, Inveran, MacDougall, McCallum, RK Bagpipes, Wallace, Sommers, Duncan Soutar of St. Andrews, and Strathmore. I know, this is one long list, I know, but they all offer good quality at various price to fit various budgets.

4. Beware of material. Bagpipe bags are made of synthetic material, cow hide, or sheepskin. They are really all good materials. Synthetic is a favorite because it requires little maintenance. However, it can make the pipes harder to play. Cow hide needs regular seasoning, but it makes the pipes easier to play.

Remember: you can find a bargain on bagpipes, especially online; cheap bagpipes for sale are still high quality too. You will love playing Scottish music and really becoming one with your special bagpipes.