Are you looking for cheap ballet pointe shoes under 50 dollars? Finding afordable pointe shoes is a problem that many ballet students face. Not every young dancer or their parent has the extra money to spend upwards of 100 dollars  for a pair of ballet shoes. Ballet can be an expensive art form. 

Ballet students face several challenges when looking for cheap ballet pointes. First of all, they don't last very long. Shoes of this type have a limited lifespan. Finding a pair that actually works with a dancer's foot structure and experience level is another. Getting it all under 50 dollars can be a triple challenge. One of the biggest reasons why pointe shoes that are made with synthetic, longer-lasting materials like the Gaynor Minden brand was to solve the problem  and expense of frequent replacement.

Pointe Shoes Don't Last Long

Those pretty pink satin shoes are as hard as a rock when they are new. Unfortunately, sweat, moisture and the rigors of weekly pointe class quickly wear them out. Some shoes only last weeks. Lucky dancers that choose sturdier brands can sometimes make them last 2 months before they get too soft for pointe work.  Many dancers resort to using glues, varnishes and other tricks to make them last longer.

Finding Cheap Pointe Shoes That Fit Can Be A Challenge

Ballet students on a budget can receive criticism from other dancers for trying to buy cheap ballet footwear. The word cheap means less expensive, not poor quality. Very few ballet students are willing to take the chance of ordering pointes from a cheaper manufacturer based in China or Thailand although the prices are much less.

Who Sells Cheap Ballet Pointe Shoes Under 50 Dollars?

The cheapest pointe shoe prices for dancers in the U.S. can be found  online at dance supply companies that offer clearance sales on certain models. Be aware that brands sold as clearance items may be discontinued by the manufacturer. It doesn't pay to fall in love with a brand that will never be made again.

Try for deals on Capezio footwear. Some dancers find bargains on eBay after they know which size and model suits them best. Check for cheap Freeds and Grishko models.

A nice listing of cheap ballet pointe shoes for sale can be found at the Ballet San Jose website. They sell Capezio models for 30 dollars a pair. You can check them out at this url: