Are you searching for cute, cheap Barbie birthday supplies for your upcoming party? Instead of spending an outrageous amount of money for a one-day event, create a wonderful themed party for your Barbie-loving girl without wasting tons of money.

The popularity of this character never wains; girls have loved her ever since she was first invented. She makes a party-perfect theme to build a birthday around.

Make Your Girl Happy With Cheap Barbie Birthday Supplies On Her Special Day

If your little girl loves this character, imagine the joy on her face when she comes into the room and finds it decorated with festive balloons, a pretty table covering, matching cups and plates and napkins. Not only will she love it, her little group of friends will be pretty impressed too. Party favors in this theme include all kinds of fun mini-toys for the guests to take home.

Barbie Themed Parties Are Totally Cool For Young Girls

Why do girls love Barbie so much? For one thing, she is really hip and trendy. Her clothes and accessories are very creative and fashion-forward as far as dolls go. Her pink convertible car is amazing. So are the multitude of accessories that make up her world. Barbie is a trendsetter; a modern girl. She makes the perfect theme for young, impressionable girls who love cool dolls.

Balloons, Pinatas And Festive Table Settings For The Barbie Girl

What kind of stuff is available for creating a great girly party? It all starts with sending out some awesome invitations to friends and family a few weeks before the event. Think how much fun it would be for the young recipient to get a Barbie-party invitation in her mailbox. Exciting!

Table settings with themes  include cute plastic cups, imprinted napkins and paper plates. Don't forget the balloons, too. After the girls have finished the food and drinks and polished off the cake, what to do? Why, break open the Barbie pinata, of course.  Any pinata at a party will make it a very memorable occasion for the guests.

Who Has Cheap Barbie Party Supplies Online?

If all the stuff mentioned above sounds like something only rich parents can afford for their kids, you are in luck. There are a budget-priced kits or what they call "party-in-a-box" themes for cheaper prices on pinata comes in different versions ranging from $15.99 to $29.99.

Another great website to try is They are sending out email notifications for their brand new Barbie All Dolled Up Party Kit which will start at $23.99 as soon as they come in stock.