If you are a basketball fan who loves to go to games, you probably want to wear your team hat, along with a team jersey or jacket, when you go support your team. Basketball caps are good for keeping the sun off your head, in addition to letting others know what team you are a big fan of. If you have a jersey of your favorite basketball team, a basketball hat would really go great with it. It seems like wherever you go shopping now that there are basketball hats, jerseys and other memorabilia available for purchase.

How the Hats are Made
In order for a basketball cap to hold its shape, it needs to be fused together at the crown. Along the inside of the hat is a 1-inch sweatband that helps the user when they are hot and sweaty. There are many styles of hats, including flex fit hats, fitted hats, reversible hats or even cuffed knit beanies. This gives you a great selection to choose when you are looking to make a purchase. There are different materials used to make basketball hats. Some of those materials are cotton twill, or a polyester fabric. Flex basketball hats are made with wool stretch or mesh type fabric. They are made to fit several sizes of head with an adjustable strap at the back made of Velcro or plastic. Most basketball caps are made one of two ways, either handmade or sewn on a machine.

Your team's logo or script can be found on basketball hats either on the front or back. Many of the logos are hand-stitched, which will make them a bit more expensive. The hand-crafted logos on the hat will have a raised effect to them making the logo more visible and easier to see.

Picking a Basketball Hat
When you are looking to pick your style of basketball hat, it can depend on many different things. For example: if you are the fan of a particular team, you may want to get a hat with your team logo on it. The color of the hat will be your team colors. You might even be looking for a particular player. You can also purchase playoff hats where there is the logo of each playoff team on the front of the hat. They may even have a hat with your team's mascot on the front. If there is a team that is no longer playing basketball, there are throwback hats available.

A good fitting hat is also something else to look for. You wouldn't want a hat that is too tight or too loose. Wearing your hat needs to be an enjoyable experience, not an uncomfortable one.

Famous Brand Names
Zephyr is one of the known names in sports wear today. They have a highly comfortable fit and brightly colored logos on their hats. Zephyr serves both college and professional teams. They have a variety of sportswear and other novelties for sale: Caps, jerseys, jackets, and basketball cards of hundreds of teams and players.

If you know of someone who is a big fan of basketball, basketball hats make great gifts. They are also great if you add a jersey to go with it. Basketball hats are also popular collector's items. People will buy the caps not to wear, but to put with all the other basketball hats that they have.
Whether you are choosing your hat by color, design, or by team, there could be a cap out there just for you. If not, you can have one made. Online stores and shops selling brand names have caps for many shapes and sizes and wherever you end up buying it, there will be basketball hats and other athletic wear to choose from. This is one gift you can get some someone has a passion for this game.