Cheap beach towels for kids are a summer favorite with children everywhere. Unlike the regular bathroom towels that  are used at home, designs for kids come in hundreds of cool themes and colors. The variety of fun patterns lets a kid express themselves. When it comes to getting a good quality item ,  plush ones that have a little texture will last much longer.

 Fun Cartoon Prints Makes Them Special

Most kids love cartoon characters. They have no problem decorating with Dora or wearing a Disney character t-shirt. Styles that are fun for kids to use at the pool or beachside come in many different kinds of cartoon prints. Jumping out of the pool and drying off with a big, snugly Scooby Doo print makes swimming even more fun. Cartoon prints are simply for fun.

Try Some That Double As Games For Extra Fun In The Sun

Some really unique designs that children will love have games imprinted on them. Imagine being able to play a beachside game of checkers on a giant terrycloth that resembles a checker board. Since kids and teenagers can't spend every single minute of the day in the water, buying one that doubles as a game can ward off boredom and give them something to do in between swims.

Toddler And Baby Beach Towels  Shaped Like Hoodies

Some parents find the extra sun protection of a towel and hoodie combination better for very young kids or those who have sensitive skin. These hoodie garments can open up and lay flat, but also have a corner that is sewn shut. This is the hoodie part that a kid can wear over their head for either drying off or for sun protection.

Who Sells Cheap Beach Towels For Kids Online?

Some items are better than others. The cheap ones should  only be cheap in price, not in quality. Some inexpensive ones are so thin they couldn't dry off a flea. Those kind tend to fall  apart during repeated washings and are very poor for absorbing moisture. It pays to spend more than five dollars on a better quality product that will last from one summer to the next. has them for kids that are in the mid range between 12 to 15 dollars each. They are thicker and come in a lot of kid-pleasing colors and prints. Why should one for the beach be a special one instead of the family bathroom ones? Usually, they are much larger for spreading out on the sand. Catchy patterns in bright colors make finding the "family spot" on a crowded beach much easier. Mostly, they are designed to look more festive and fun; just like vacation at the beach is.

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