If you've ever had to replace your dresser handles or knobs you probably quickly realized how difficult it is to replace one dresser handle and have the replacement actually match the existing handles and knobs on your piece of bedroom furniture. Most people don't think about this when they buy furniture or decorate their bedroom but hardware items such as this are easy to find and cheap to replace but hard to match up with existing items. For most people replacing dresser drawer pulls it is much easier to replace them all when one breaks.

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Cheap Brushed Nickel Drawer Handle
Cheap Brushed Nickle Drawer Handles

As you may expect, replacing antique drawer handles are much harder than replacing generic pulls and knobs found on low end furniture. Similarly specialty hardware such as star drawer pulls, crystal drawer pulls, or any other type of decorative hardware will be tougher if you limit your retailers to traditional brick and mortar hardware stores. The trick to finding just what you want in your home improvement or furniture restoration project is to branch out of your comfort zone and do your shopping at specialty online hardware stores.

Cost Of Dresser Handles For Sale

Antique Brass Dresser Drawer Pull
Antique Brass Dresser Drawer Pull

In addition to actually finding the types and kinds or dresser handles and knobs you actually want there are other benefits to shopping for these hardware items online, the cost. The cost of dresser handles, drawer pulls, decorative cabinet backplates, porcelain door knobs, and just about any other kind of decorative hardware item is that the costs of these items is much lower when you shop online. There are a number of reasons for this but predominantly the reasons are because online retailers have less overhead costs and there are more online retailers competing for your business and driving prices and margins down .

Depending on the type and style of dresser handle you shop for your costs will vary. Oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware or generic brass drawer handles will be much cheaper than crystal drop drawer pulls due to the costs of the material used in that hardware. Crystal door knobs and dresser drawer pulls are among the most expensive of all types of pulls and knobs and can cost up fifty dollars per item depending on the size and quality of the crystal. On the other hand basic materials such as bronze, nickel, stainless steel, and copper may be as low as a few dollars per item. But even on the low end it pays to shop around. You may find one online retailer costs much less if you buy in bulk or another may offer free shipping. Saving even a dollar per unit can add up for jobs where you may need 10-20 bedroom dresser handles.

Types Of Dresser Drawer Handles

This is a simple option for replacement dresser drawer pulls.  If you need cheap drawer pulls to replace your dressers hardware then this may be a good option for you.
Simple Dresser Drawer Pull

The types of dresser handles may be important to your interior design and it may not be but it may have an effect on your bottom line when it comes time to pay for your decorative hardware. There are many different types of bedroom dresser drawer handles and other cabinet hardware and each tends to be cheaper or more expensive than each other depending on style.

There are drop pulls which are like knobs that sit on a hinge and drop from the drawer where they attach. Often these styles of dresser handles are made of high end materials and they are two pronged drop handles which attach to the drawer in two points and hang down when not in use. Thes types of dresser knobs are often fairly common and are made of either simple metals and designs or more expensive designs.

Other kinds of bedroom dresser handles include static drawer knobs and pulls which protrude from the dresser drawer and are unmovable, static handles which similarly protrude from the drawers and are unmovable, as well as barrel dresser handles, a kind of static drawer handle. Each type of drawer handle comes in different metals and each comes in different styles from traditional, to modern, to Victorian, and everything else in between. Shopping around for the dresser handle which matches your style and desired type without going over budget should be your primary goal.

Where To Find Cheap Dresser Handles For Sale

Cheap Dresser Drawer Pulls
Cheap Dresser Drawer Pull

The easiest way to find cheap dresser handles for sale is to head down to your local hardware store or home improvement superstore. Big stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware tend to have a small selection of cheap dresser handles, cabinet knobs, and pulls but they won't have much variety. If you are trying to replace a single dresser handle which matches all of your other dresser handles as well as your door knob backplates, door hinges, and any other random decorative hardware then these options may not be the best. The variety these stores will have in stock are probably going to be too small for you to find what you need.

The best place to find exactly what you need no matter what style, size, or color is to shop at any one of the many online specialty hardware stores which focus on carrying large inventories of as many parts and hardware pieces you can imagine. Even if one decorative hardware store doesn't have what you want the chances are that another will. You may even find the same or close to the same pieces on being sold from two different online hardware stores and if this is the case then you can comparison shop for the best prices.

Online hardware retailers like The Hardware Hut, Home Décor Hardware, or Cabinet Pulls Online are good places to start your search for cheap dresser handles but so too are big online retailers like Amazon or eBay. Both of these big retailers bring many small retailers together with customers that might not find each other any other way. And because you can shop online you can easily comparison shop across all the sites to know for a fact that you are getting the best prices on dresser handles for sale possible. It isn't as hard as you may think and you could save a bundle over buying at your local hardware store.