There are actually many places to find cheap bedroom furniture sets for sale. Think about it, wouldn't it be nice to have a nicely decorated bedroom where you can relax after a long day at work? No need to buy a luxurious and expensive bedroom set. Here are the best places to find inexpensive but nice bedroom sets and many tips that will help you get the best furniture in your price range.

Best Places to Buy Bedroom Furniture Online

One of the best places is Craigslist, the main reason being that you can search in your local area so you do not have to worry about shipping charges. You just click on your state and then the city closest to you. There is even a free section which you can use to find a free dresser or a free bed frame. Many people will either give away their items or sell them on Craigslist when they are moving, reorganizing things (children moving away) or redecorating their own bedroom.

IKEA is another place to get cheap furniture online. This is the perfect place if you are a first time buyer. Maybe you have just rented your first apartment and need some items to fill in the rooms. Then, it is definitely worth checking this place. They have pieces for every room in your house, the bedroom sets are cheap and they have something that will suit just about any style. If you have an IKEA store near you, you may want to go to the store to save on the shipping charges or to check the item a bedroom environment. IKEA has many rooms examples to help you figure how pieces of furniture can work together.

Other Online Places

In the past few years, there have been several online furniture stores popping up and they have become huge hits. People are too busy working and do not have the time to go from store to store looking for a bedroom set. It is much more convenient to shop for furniture from the comfort of their homes.

You need to understand that there are many online discount furniture stores on the net and the difficult part is to distinguish between the genuine ones and the fake ones. The easiest way to do this is by customer testimonials and client reviews. Take some time and read what past and present customers have written about the company and the service they received. Some customers may include the price they paid and what their customer service experience was like.

Offline Places to Search

The three top places to look for cheaper bedroom furniture are furniture warehouses, overstock companies and consignment stores. One of the reasons that these places may sell discounted bedroom furniture is that the piece may have a tiny scratch on it and the regular furniture stores cannot sell that particular piece. You can sometimes get a huge discount on this type of furniture. These places also sell discounted furniture when the items are discontinued. Newer styles and models are coming out all the time so the older models get discontinued and are available at a cheaper price. You will have to do some research ahead of time and find out what models of bedroom sets are discontinued.

Other places to get cheap furnishings that you may not have thought about are thrift stores and antique malls. You may wonder why you would find a cheap piece of furniture at an antique mall. The answer is simple. They may not know that they are possibly selling a piece of furniture that is handcrafted so they sell it at a low price. People often donate antique furniture to thrift stores for a few reasons. One is they may have an elderly loved one who just passed away and they are just trying to donate the furniture to a good cause without knowing how valuable it may be.

Inexpensive but Great Furniture Material

Oak wood and pinewood are some of the best options. While being inexpensive, they are great for rustic furniture that looks amazing in any bedroom. They give an outdoor feeling with the warmth of a log cabin. Wrought iron has also become increasingly popular as it is a high quality but not expensive material.

Tips to Get the Best Furniture

The first thing on a Saturday morning is to get up and hit the yard sales, garage sales, estate sales and flea markets. If you can be one of the first there, you will have the first choice and if you spot a bedroom set or furniture piece that you want, it will be yours. You can easily barter a little as well to get the price down a bit. If you show up at a sale at 11 in the morning, most of the good stuff will already have been sold.

Before you head out the door, you will need the measurements of your bedroom written down. This way you will know exactly what sizes you are looking for. The last thing you want is to find the perfect bed only to discover later that it does not fit in your bedroom. In addition to the measurements of the room, be sure you have the measurements of the doorway leading to your bedroom. You need to be certain that the bedroom furniture that you purchase will fit through the door frame into your bedroom or else that piece of furniture will be completely useless or you will have to somehow dismantle it.

If you happen to find a bedroom set that you like but that is not in the color you want, do not worry about it. You can simply paint a dresser or a nightstand or even just placing a colorful piece of fabric over it will work just fine. So look past the color or poor paint job. If it is something that you like and it is reasonably priced, then snap it up and use your decorative skills to make it look great.


We have seen some of the best places and tips to buy bedroom furniture in the USA but as you can see, most of the tips are also suitable for other countries. Good luck (re)decorating your bedroom!