The game of billiards is fun and entertaining for both kids and adults to play. Finding cheap pool tables for sale online that are affordable isn't too hard when shopping on the internet. Not all billiard  tables cost thousands of dollars, and you can save more money if you decide to buy used pool tables for sale online. You want a good pool table that's strong, sturdy, and won't cause easy breakage. Outdoor pool tables are some of the more durable and recommended billiard tables out on the market, since they're weather resistant. They're built to prevent against rust, and prevent breakage of rails, pockets, slates, legs and the body frame. However, you'll be hard pressed finding cheap pool tables for outdoor use under $1,000 dollars online or at local sport stores.

So buy and beware when purchasing cheap pool tables for sale online for indoor used. Used billiard tables especially, since there has already been some wear and tear. Used pool tables are likely to have possible scratched felts on the playing field and a potentially damage slate frame and body frame. You can still find quality and cheap billiard pool tables for sale from reputable online stores.

Cheap Pool Tables for Sale

Sportcraft - Capri 7 Foot Pool Table

Sportcraft - Capri 7 foot Pool Table - It's easy to find Sportcraft cheap pool tables for sale online for prices well below $500 dollars. It's not a bad billiard table to play on for its low price. They're pretty easy billiard pool tables to install. No tools are required. The felt is teal and it's a 7 foot pro style playing field. You can shoot pool like the professionals with these billiard tables. Features include laminated warp resistant, and chrome plated levelers. It's a wood grain finish body frame. Capri 7 foot billiard pool tables will allow you to play a professional game of billiards without much hassle. Although these are pretty cheap pool tables to buy online, they're still decent indoor pool tables to play on. You can purchase online at walmart.

DMI Sports FairFax Pool Table

DMI Sports FairFax Pool Table - 7 foot FairFax billiard tables are known as Minnesota Fats pool tables. The famous pool shark in real life, and later adapted as a character in Paul Newman's classic movie known as The Hustler. They're cheap pool tables for sale at a 50% discount at some online stores. Features include a ball return system, metallic corner caps, and a 3/4" slate core play surface for smooth and irresistible pool shooting. Burgundy felt is used on the playing field. Pedestals are featured on the legs to prevent scratched floors. The table is decked out in a beautiful light cherry cabinet frame. You can purchase DMI cheap pool tables for sale online at Sports Unlimited and Fantasy Toyland.

GLD Reno Two 7 Foot Billiard Pool Table

GLD Reno 2 7 foot Billiard Pool Table - The GLD is slightly above $500 dollars but they're still rather cheap pool tables for sale online. The table is made from cherry maple two tone construction with a burgundy felt on the playing field. These very nice and stylish looking billiard tables to buy for home use. They can really bring out the interior decorative look to your home. The rails are made from K66 rubber. Other features include white diamond inlays, and wood veneer tapered legs with levelers. There's a 7 year warranty on the playing surface. Reno products aren't just cheap billiard  tables, but durable products as well. You can purchase online at and

Used Pool Tables

If you're looking for really cheap pool tables for sale online, then used pool tables are the best way to go. There's definitely a buy and beware sort of thing when purchasing used pool tables. I would recommended shopping online at places like ebay, amazon, and ecrater for used pool tables. You can read reviews of products and check to see the sellers feedback of products at these online stores. You can definitely find some used pool tables online at ebay under $1,000 dollars. You can even find some brand new cheap billiard pool tables being sold. Popular brands like Valley Pool, Dynamo, and Brunswisk are being sold for cheap prices.