Everyone knows that plastic hangers are an excellent upgrade to a closet from cheap wire hangers however black plastic hangers may be an even better option for your closet than standard white plastic hangers simply because the black hangers will look a little more decorative yet will still be affordable when compared to other more decorative hangers made of wood or other materials.

Cheap Hangers & Shoulder Dimples

Non Slip Hangers For Suits - VelvetUsually most people want their closets to both look good and work efficiently. No one wants hangers which damage clothes and most thin profile or wire hangers do just that. At the same time however not everyone had the financial wherewithal to purchase large fancy wooden hangers for every garment in a closet. It's probably worth it to buy fancy hangers for suit jackets, dresses, and important or delicate pieces of clothing but your standard everyday shirts and pants probably don't need such special care. This is why your basic plastic hanger for sale in will do the job alright.

White plastic hangers however will stick out like a sore thumb in a closet with a good mix of clothing and wooden hangers which is why finding a good selection of cheap black plastic hangers is important. The black hangers won't accomplish anything physically different than white they will simply blend in a little more and look more attractive to anyone looking into your closet. After all we don't really invite others to peer into our closets but when doors are left open you always want your place to look its best.

Black hangers, though they are not any fancier, are not always as easy to find in regular retail establishments. You can probably find them from time to time at big stores like Target, Walmart, or Bed Bath & Beyond but they can easily be found online and for excellent prices as well. Plastic hangers for sale usually go for a small and reasonable amount in packs of 10-20 units but online you can find large packs of black plastic hangers ranging in sizes from 10-50 hangers easily. And depending on the type of plastic hanger the price may even be cheaper than you can find in a store.

Heavy Duty Black Plastic Solid Hangers

Heavy Duty Plastic Hangers

This is especially true for the hard plastic hangers which are designed to mimic the benefits of large wooden hangers. Plastic hangers which are made of hard plastic in thick design make holding larger garments easy but they typically cost more and can't be purchased in packs that are so large. Even still however big plastic coat hangers are still much more affordable than wooden coat hangers and should be considered for anyone regardless of budget.

In addition to larger plastic hangers for sale you can also find other types of specialty hangers made in plastic. Depending on how specialized your needs are the less likely you will be able to find these at traditional stores. Plus sized hangers and baby sized hangers are just two types of hangers that are easily found online but may be hard to find in stores, especially if you are looking for specific colors like black.

If for instance you wanted to find a black plastic hanger for baby clothes do you really think it would be easy to find in stores? It may surprise you how difficult this is considering how easy it is to find them online. There are actually many different specialty home furnishing stores and even specialty items stores which focus on hangers specifically. These stores can usually offer consumers the ability to find every kind of hanger they could possibly need, including plastic baby clothes hangers, in most if not every kind of material.

You can get Joy Mangano hangers which are a special brand of non slip hangers. Baby clothes hangers or large sized hangers, shirt hangers, slack hangers, and dress hangers and each type can be found in black plastic online to keep your costs low. If you were to go to your local store to buy these hangers you would likely find each of these types but would probably be limited to wood or whatever type of materials the store had on hand.

Are These Clothes Hangers The Cheapest?

As you would expect black plastic hangers are far more affordable than most every other type out there however there are some more expensive plastic hangers which are designed to be fairly high performance in nature. Many types of plastic are quite slippery but some plastic hangers work very well as a non slip option while also being shaped perfectly to retain the shape of some delicate types of clothes.

While wood can usually be found in many different garment shapes plastic can also be found in these shapes and can be made to be just as strong. And because it is made of plastic the manufacturing process is often much easier to make a one piece hanger with no moving parts or seams.

Overall you can expect to buy a pack of 20 black plastic clothes hangers online for probably around ten to fifteen dollars. Larger plastic hangers with a sturdier hook or frame may range up a little more in price but even the fanciest of general garment plastic hangers can be had for less than fifty dollars. As previously stated these prices probably won't change very much from stores in your neighborhood, the biggest difference will likely be the selection available and the availability of your desired hanger in the color of your choice.

If you are looking for a quality set of cheap black plastic hangers then you should really consider just looking around online. The big online retailers like Amazon and eBay have large options available for all your needs around the house and if you want to go a more interesting route then take a look at the specialty hanger retailers online like Everything Hangers, Best Hangers, Hangers Direct, or any of the countless other specialty store options. Even just browsing the catalogs of stores like these may give you ideas for your closet that you never though of before as most stores you walk through never have these options available in any color or manufacturing material.