Finding black tea in bulk at your local grocery store is not really possible. Bulk tea bags are usually sold in increments of 20 or 60 and in some superstores and warehouse clubs like Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, or Costco you may be able to find large bulk pricing for tea bags in boxed of 240 but when you shop online you can really find good discounts by shopping for products in increments much higher.

One of the best rated and priced black teas on the market is PG Black Tea In Bulk sold on Amazon for well under $40 for 480 tea bags. In fact with periodic discounts this tea can sometimes be purchased for even less than $30 which obviously makes this a great deal on a per serving basis. At $40 this equates to a 12 tea bags per dollar or 16 per dollar if you can buy the PG tea for $30.

PG Black Tea Bags In BulkAs far as the quality of these tea bags are concerned the customer reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. With well over 100 customer reviews recorded the PG Black Tea has received nearly perfect customer reviews of five stars and the ravings of actual customers on the reviews go into far more detail on why this is such a great deal.

Buying black tea in bulk is often an exercising in finding the lowest quality tea possible from the cheapest distributor and although their may be cheaper teas for sale elsewhere the quality of the PG brand is high enough that finding incrementally cheaper bulk tea is not that important.

Of course depending on your needs buying cases of tea may be necessary and by increasing the quantity to the case level you may not see as many customer reviews but you will be associate the quality of the PG black tea bags to the larger scale as well.

PG Black Tea Product Description

Obviously buying tea based on reviews and price alone is ill advised. Some people have a preference for what is actually in the tea. This tea is actually a blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas and has less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Some black teas can be surprisingly strongly caffeinated so if caffeine is an issue you may want to find another tea that has either more or less caffeine. The product is described to have about half the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee so personal preferences on this front should be easier to interpret.

The Best Black Tea – Why PG May Be Better Than The Competition

Many North American's are probably very familiar with Lipton brand teas. In the UK PG is arguably the top selling brand of tea which is saying something considering the popularity of black tea in the region. Because online shopping brings products to customers that might not have access to them otherwise buying a cheap box of PG black tea in bulk or in a smaller quantity could be a great experiment for a local restaurant or simply for a family that drinks a lot of tea.

Make sure to read through all the reviews of this black tea by actual customers. And consider the price compared to what you normally buy. PG teas are some of the highest rated teas for quality and they are still one of the cheapest teas for sale online.