Looking for cheap black wedge shoes for sale can be hard because there are so many black wedge flats and heels on the market to choose from. Because black shoes are roughly the most common color found in a woman's closet due to the versatility of the color most high end designers make black shoes the centerpieces of their collections.

So if there are so many different wedge shoes for sale on the market why then is it so difficult to find cheap black wedges that will hold up and not cost a fortune?

Black Wedge Jessica Simpson Shoes

The answer to this is simple – most people simply don't know how best to shop to keep there costs down nor are they willing to shop where they need to buy the cheapest designer shoes of all kinds, wedges, pumps, platforms, etc. The best place after all to buy cheap black wedge heels is where people discard their old shoes – the clothing exchange. The next best place is the used collection on Amazon.

Not all clothing exchange stores are going to carry a large selection of designer shoes but they are typically going to carry quality merchandise as each item is inspected by the store operator's staff and each item will be heavily discounted from its original retail price. If you are simply looking for inexpensive black shoes you may find what you want at a shop like this; the more picky you get however the less likely you'll find what you are looking for.

Shiny Black Wedge ShoesMost used heels get discarded because they don't match a person's wardrobe any more or even more frequently they don't quite fit right any more.

When a women's wedge shoe works a lady will rarely discard it but if it doesn't fit right there's no reason for her to keep it in her closet and the best place to discard those new designer BCBG wedge shoes is the neighborhood clothing exchange store. And because black shoes are so common you are far more likely to find black wedges in a clothing exchange than you're to find more obscure colors like silver or red wedge shoes.

Steve Madden Black Wedge Closed Toe ShoesOf course clothing exchanges and thrift stores are not the only places to find quality cheap designer footwear; better places with more variety can always be found online. eBay is probably the most likely source of finding exactly what you are looking for. Even if you want a black designer wedge shoe by Micheal Kors or Steve Madden that went out of style a couple years back or simply a comfortable pair of shoes for diabetics or people with sensitive feet there is almost assuredly someone selling a used pair on eBay.

For new wedge shoes for women you should always stick to online stores too as these stores have less overhead to cover which is why they can discount their prices more than conventional department stores. Similarly these online retailers like Zappos and eHeels which specialize in shoes only are going to be superior to brick and mortar stores which have smaller inventory levels because they are confined by space. If you are picky and have a very specific wedge evening shoe in mind you are far more likely to find it at one of these stores and at a better price too.