Gone are the days when cellular phones are used just to connect with other people. Right now, it is a symbol of your own style and personality. With smart phones and application stores available online, you can use it for your own benefit. You might think Blackberry mobile phones are pricey, but there are cheap Blackberry mobile phones deals on various websites. In fact, it is everywhere and what you need to do is to find the perfect place, people you need to talk to, and the cheap cellular phone deals for those on the budget.

Try to Comb on Different Pay-As-You-Go Cellular Plans

When looking for a cheap phone plan, try to consider not just the monthly rates, but the services and incentives as well like free messaging, unlimited domestic calls and the like. There are many PAYG plans available online, so conduct your very own comparative research on that matter.

Blackberry mobile phones - Verizon

You can buy a cheap plan of $34.99 per month in a two-year contract with Blackberry mobile phones included. It is worth the money because of its free incentives such as unlimited long distance calls, but expensive models are expected to have higher rates, so you may opt for a previous model. Other models include Bold 9650, Pearl Flip 8220, Pearl 8130, the World Edition 8830 and Curve 8330.


This carrier provider is one of the best in the industry, with plans at a bargain price of $30; with Blackberry mobile phones (Blackberry Curve 8520) included. Their free incentives such as unlimited messaging, unlimited Web browsing, etc. are actually the most inviting. They also offer web-only discounts and an instant discount in a two-year locked in contract. Other models of Blackberry mobile phones include Curve 3G in smoky Violet and graphite Gray, and Bold 9780 in Black and White.

Blackberry mobile phones - Sprint

It has cheap plans that are less than $100. The Everything Plan is priced at $49.99 with 450 minutes worth of calls, while the plan with free 900 minutes costs $89.99. The Simply Everything is priced at $99.99 with incentives such as free unlimited voice messaging, voice mail, email and more plus a one-year warranty for Blackberry mobile phones and other cellular phone manufacturers. Their other notable service features are emergency call with no airtime charges, numeric paging, three-way calling, etc. Available Blackberry mobile phones that are included are Bold 9650, Curve 8330, Pearl 8130 and Blackberry 8830.

Blackberry mobile phones - AT & T

This wireless provider provides cheap plans for whatever needs you have – whether personal or business. The Business Pooled Nation plan costs $44.99 for 450 minutes worth of calls with no charges on roaming and domestic long distance calls and unlimited weekends and nights. Another plan costs $39.99 on the first 450 minutes and still has free roaming and local long distance calls. Blackberry mobile phones included are Blackberry Torch (Refurb, Pure White, Sunset Red) Pearl 3G, Curve 3G, Curve 8520, Bold 9700 etc.

Search for Unlocked, Refurbished Blackberry Mobile Phones

You don't have to worry on buying second-hand or refurbished phones for sale; refurbished phones are completely functional like a new one. It usually happens when a phone is returned in its 30-day trial period. Because it is reconditioned to meet the original manufacturer standard, it is safe to buy one at a discounted price. There are various sites that offer this type of product. Many phone carrier websites like AT & T, Verizon etc. offer refurbished Blackberry mobile phones at a fraction of the price.

Example of refurbished Blackberry mobile phones in AT & T is the Blackberry Torch at $9.99 with a cut-rate price of $ 15 per month and free shipping. T-Mobile offers a 2-year contract for Blackberry Curve 8520 –White with no upfront fee, but with a required data service.

Search on Shopping Sites for Blackberry Mobile Phones for Sale

Shopping sites are great places to look for various Blackberry mobile phones models. Apart from the price comparison, it also offers wide selection of third-party sellers to choose from. It is an effective tool for those people who want to find quality phone at a cheap price. Some may even post unlock versions with a guaranteed warranty period.


Unlocked versions are available in Amazon with various models available. Although not the latest models are for sale, many buyers boast to have the best features of Blackberry mobile phones released in the market. Bestseller models include Curve 8900 Javelin that costs $299.99 and Blackberry Gemini 8520 at $274.94, both having a 1-year warranty.


Based in California, Los Angeles, this site provides a great price comparison from different seller websites of Blackberry mobile phones. It displays the different phone models and beside it is the actual link of the seller and the price.


Comparison shopping is the best way to find cheap Blackberry mobile phones. The interface of BizRate.com is quite similar to Shopzilla.com with various models to choose from.

Blackberry mobile phones - Try to Look for Third-Party Sellers

Many third-party sites are licensed to sell phones and offer various carriers and plans. There are Blackberry mobile phones that are already free from its locked in two-year contract plan. It is also a convenient shopping site with products that can be categorized into different set-up either by brand, carrier, etc. There are some that also provide discounts, free shipping and reduced sales tax which can be a vital factor in saving money.


This is one of the leading Internet sites that are selling phones and plans from different carriers. They offer online-only prices from Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT & T and Verizon Wireless. They have a wide array of unlocked phones, replacement phones, PDAs, smart phones, and more


This is another site selling various electronic gadgets including different unlocked Blackberry mobile phones at a budget price. It also offers Blackberry accessories and supports. You can see the International unlock version of Blackberry Storm 9530 that costs $229. 99 and 3G Curve 9300 priced at $329.99. Both are compatible to carriers such as AT &T, T-Mobile, etc.


This is another legitimate third-party seller that offers a wide array of phone plans from different carriers. It also boasts of their free shipping and free return offer. You can search from the different categories either from carrier, brand, feature, or price. Many Blackberry mobile phones are listed together with the rate, carrier, and price after rebates.