Cheap Blind Skateboards

If you're looking to save some money, then buying cheap Blind skateboards is a great way to start. There are tons of cheap Blind skateboards for sale on dozens of different websites, moreso than most other brands. Sometimes you don't always know if you're getting the best deal. Sometimes you might think you're going to get ripped off. Maybe they are priced so low because they're not as good. These are very common thoughts, but it's hardly ever true.

Are Cheap Blind Skateboards Any Good?

Cheap Blind skateboards are all just as durable and good as any of the other ones. The Eternal Life, for example, is not that expensive at all. Yet it is fully capable of being an unbreakable skateboard. You could have one for months and months and never lose much pop or get many pressure cracks, which saves you money in the long run.

There are also just a bunch of regular cheap Blind skateboards for sale out there that just happened to be lower in price. Sometimes they are just the older models from a few years back. Even though they are still quality boards just like any of the others, they are less expensive now because they're not new anymore. These are some of the cheap Blind skateboards that you'll want to look for when you're going to go buy one.

Going back to the Eternal Life models, they might actually be your best option to save money and get some quality cheap Blind skateboards. They come with a metal strip going vertically down through the deck in between the ply. It doesn't cover the entire area of the deck, but it does cover the high impact areas and spots that tend to break easier, like the middle and around the trucks. It's definitely still possible to break them, but you pretty much have to do it on purpose. They're also surprisingly lightweight.

I actually had an Eternal Life and rode it comfortably for about 5 solid months without any problems at all. The only reason I got a new board was because I wanted a change. The Eternal Life is still sitting in my room for back-up in case the one I have breaks. True story. In fact, one of the main reasons I decided to write this article is because of how impressed I was with the Eternal Life. I normally only skate with Black Label, but a friend sold me the Eternal Life for only $20 when my Label snapped one day. Like I said, I skated that thing for 5 months, the longest I ever went without a Black Label board.

Think about it though, you could get these cheap Blind skateboards for almost the exact same price as any of the regular ones, even less in some cases. The Eternal Life will easily last you 3-4 months, maybe even up to 6. Even if you decided after the 3rd month that you want a new board, you'd still have saved a good $50 because most people NEED a new one within the first two months. The Eternal Life, in my opinion, is the best way to go if you're looking for cheap Blind skateboards.

Where to Buy Cheap Blind Skateboards

Most of the time you can find the best sales and discounts on cheap Blind skateboards on the internet. However, if you find a good deal in a skate shop around town, snatch it up, because you can avoid paying the extra money for shipping and handling costs that you would spend if you bought it from some online sites.

Buy Cheap Blind Skateboards From Online Skate Shops - This probably seems like the most obvious choice to most of you reading this right now, but I feel the need to list it simply because it's such a wonderful site. Maybe some people still don't know about it yet. They always have awesome deals on their products and they have a really nice selection of cheap Blind skateboards on sale. Usually if you buy something for more than $30, you get free shipping. - Here's another super popular online skate shop that I feel the need to plug. They are considered the #1 mail order skate shop in the world for a reason. They have quite a few cheap Blind skateboards on sale worth checking out, if you haven't done so already that is. - This site has a huge array of cheap Blind skateboards on sale, and the prices are very competitive. I'm not sure how popular this site is but they definitely seem to be a great place to look. Unfortunately, at the time of this article, about half of them are out of stock. The good news is that they still have 22 decks and 16 completes available. - This online skate shop has a boatload cheap Blind skateboards on sale as well. Both the prices and selection are very similar to the last store I mentioned. They currently have 22 decks and 14 completes available.

Buy Cheap Blind Skateboards From Online Stores - A lot of people don't realize how many awesome deals Amazon has on things like cheap Blind skateboards. When you think about Amazon, you don't normally think of these kinds of items. Although, you should think of Amazon as what they are - a place to buy just about anything under the sun, and for low prices. They have a massive selection of cheap Blind skateboards on sale. Doing a quick search for them yields over 200 results. That should give you plenty of options. - This is another site that not many people would think to look at when they want to buy cheap Blind skateboards on sale. You might be surprised at their line-up, though. Zappos has quite a few completes as well as decks for some pretty competitive prices. The best part is you always get free shipping through them, both ways. - eBay is always a great place to look for low priced items, and it's no different when you're looking for cheap Blind skateboards on sale. As long as you buy from a reputable and trustworthy seller, you should be good to go. You'll also want to be weary of buying a used one. While they may be really nice on your wallet, there's a chance you might regret it once it arrives in the mail and you get a better look at some of these used cheap Blind skateboards.

Buying cheap Blind skateboards is a great idea, especially if you're trying to save money. Remember my advice, and you could end up getting one of the best boards you ever had for a price you never thought possible. It's totally unnecessary for you to feel obligated to pay high prices for something that could easily break within a month of using it. Nine times out of ten, cheap Blind skateboards will give you the same results, or possibly better.