Decorating on a dime does not mean that your cheap book cases and other furniture should look gaudy or out of date. You can make cheap furniture look updated, fresh and new with just a few decorating tips and tricks. Your cheap book cases may be made out of wood, unfinished wood, metal shelving, or the more standard cheap particle board shelving found in every low end store in town. The finish may be painted or wood in appearance, it does not matter since you can repaint and change the look of your bookshelf unit later. Assemble the book case as directed, or you can avoid adding the back panel to let the color of your walls show through. This is a designer trick which ads interest to the unit by giving it a stronger three dimensional appearance. For additional impact, you can also substitute the back paneling with bead board, mosaic or tiled panels, or mirrors if you intend to use the bookshelf as a display area. If you either need more space, or are desiring your bookcases to appear as built in shelving units; you can attach two or more bookcases together and finish with molding at the seams. Molding is inexpensive and can be glued on the joints of the bookshelves to give a richer and much more expensive appearance. To finish your book shelves, lightly sand and then paint in a contrasting color to your wall color. For a designer effect, you may also select one of the many textured paints on the market. These are wonderful for adding impact and creating a focal point in rooms. There are many textured paints on the market today in just about any color and shade you could imagine, so let your creativity and imagination run wild. Another advantage of using textured paint is that you will rarely need to paint one than more coat to get a superior finish. Textured paints tend to hide imperfections and flaws on the furniture surface and are also a good choice for refurbishing older used pieces due to their flexibility. When considering shelving options for your space, you do not need to spend a large amount of money to get a designer look. In fact, you can make even the cheapest of bookshelves look designer. How do you do make cheap book cased look expensive? With a lot of creativity, good design, lots of color, and the vision to create both a visually pleasing and functional space.