Are you looking for a inexpensive bowler-hat for a one-off occasion? Maybe you want a hat for a parade or a party and a inexpensive bowler-hat is exactly what you want. You can buy a inexpensive black bowler-hat for £25, about $38, rather than the $300 that a top quality bowler will cost you.



Buying a bowler is like buying anything else. There is a wide range of prices and qualities available. A high quality bowler-hat will cost you about £100 ($150), but these prices are for hand made, top quality bowler-hats, made on a block, probably in England or America.



A inexpensive, lower quality, mass produced bowler made in China will cost you a lot less. If you are looking for a cheap emerald green bowler-hat for St Patrick's Day you should get change from $20. A cheap black bowlerwill cost you about twice that. This is because the St Pat's hat is designed to be thrown away at the end of the day, whereas the cheap black bowler is a hat you can bring out again next year.



If you want a low cost bowler-hat for a fancy dress party then the $40 hat will suit you fine. It will not have the rigidity or strength of a high quality hat and it would stand out a mile in a street full of better quality hats, but, on its own, without the better hats to compare it too, the cheap bowler-hat looks great.



Women's bowler-hats come in many colors, including red and grey besides the traditional black one designed for men. They also come in patterned designs and come into the cheap category of bowler-hat at about $25. A woman's bowler-hat is usually a lower cost hat than the equivalent man's one, mainly because it will be worn less often, but even the low cost women's hats look good.



bowler-hats were originally designed for English gamekeepers to protect their heads from low-hanging tree branches while on horseback. Before bowler-hats were designed they used top hats, and these were easily knocked off and gave no protection against knocks. bowler-hats then, were the first riding hats.



A cheap bowler-hat will not protect your head from any knocks, while riding a horse or anything else, but that is not the reason anyone buys a bowler-hat any more. You buy a bowler for its style. If you are looking for a cheap, mini version of a bowler-hat that sits high on your head, they are available for $8, and you ate not going to find a cheap bowler-hat for less than that.


Cheap bowler-hats are a fashion item amongst some groups of men in Nigeria. British colonial administrators would wear bowlers and now, long after the British bureaucrats have gone, their legacy lives on in the form of cheap, locally made bowler-hats. The same men also use walking sticks!

Bolivian women are also fans of the bowler-hat, wearing them all the time.