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Genuine Brand Names At Super Low Prices.

"Cheap" and "Brand Name Handbags" are rarely spoken in the same sentence. Actually, let me rephrase that last part: "GENUINE Brand Name Handbags" are seemingly never affordable. As any savvy woman knows, real brand name purses rarely come with discount price tags, unless they're a cleverly disguised knock-off or "generic" version.

So what's a gal to do if she want's the real thing, but doesn't want to pay a top dollar price demanded by the fashion stores? The solution is actually pretty simple: Skip the overpriced stores and buy from the one website that makes it possible to save hundreds of dollars on the name brand handbags you want.

The Mecca Of Cheap Name Brand Handbags Online has all the latest fashions from the hottest designers, yet charges a fraction of what you'd pay anywhere else. Rebecca Minkoff, Mark Jacobs, Cole Haan, Coach, Fossil, Hobo; these are just a few of the cheap name brand purses you'll find at Endless, yet you'll pay only a fraction of the price you'd pay anywhere else.

(Note: is actually the "fashion department" of, which means it's backed up by the world's number one online retailer. So you can shop with confidence because your items are guaranteed every step of the way.)

Deals You'll Find On Endless

By now you're probably asking: "What kind of purse discounts can I get at Endless?" So let me give you just a few examples of what you can expect to find, and how much money you can save without sacrificing quality.

Also note that the prices and inventory is always changing. While the deals below are great examples of the savings you can expect to get on designer handbags, the prices and products may change as new models come into fashion. For the most up to date savings on cheap name brand purses, you'll need to visit the site and shop around for yourself.

And remember that Endless accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, and ships through UPS and the U.S. Postal Service using preferred shipping - and you might even qualify for free shipping.

Rebecca Minkoff Mac Clutch On Sale

Rebecca Minkoff Mac ClutchRebecca Minkoff makes some absolutely gorgeous purses and hand bags, and the fashion world is generally singing the designer's praises with every new offering. And one of the most sought-after Rebecca Minkoff purses on the market today is the Mac Clutch.  Minkoff's purses have found their way to countless runways and red carpets, but you can pay a fraction of what the leading models and Hollywood actresses paid. It comes in tan and blue.

Price At Local Retailer: $398

Price At Endless: $295

Savings: More Than $100

Save On The Marc Jacobs D4 Natasha Shoulder Bag

Marc Jacobs D4 Natasha PurseMarc Jacobs makes an amazing line of purses, and the Natasha is no exception. It's sought after by some of the world's leading ladies thanks to it's distincive look, quality craftsmanship and gorgeous style. This one, like all Marc hand bags, is made from genuine cow leather and features the famous "no-closure" closure that keeps your valuables safe from accidental purse spills. Available in maroon/red and white. It's no wonder why this hand bag is getting so many glowing reviews.

Price At Local Retailer: $476

Price At Endless: $368

Savings: More Than $90

Cheap Kate Spade Purses

Kate Spade Gold Coast ToteKate Spade's hand bags need no introduction. They've been on the arms of film stars, models, socialites and even royalty. The Kate Spade Gold Coast Sierra Tote is just one of the many outstanding purses that Kate has designed, but I wanted to include this one because it's a tote, and I wanted to illustrate the various types of cheap brand name handbags you'll find on Endless, not to mention the massive savings. This one has "pebbled" cowhide, looks great and is tough enough to outlast nearly anything you could ever put in it. The hardware and ornamentation is of the high quality you'd expect from a Kate Spade purse.

Price At Local Retailer: $548

Price At Endless: $445

Savings: More Than $100

Other Ways To Find Cheap Brand Name Handbags

Endless and Amazon aren't the only places where you'll find killer deals on name brand purses. If you've got a keen eye and a little bit of patience, you can often fetch some great bargains in other places, too. Here are just a few that should help you get started:

Estate Sales

When people go bankrupt (or worse, pass away), their stuff is often auctioned off at an "estate sale." Depending on the quality of fashion accessories people have, and the lack of a fashion sense by the other bidders, you can often find barely used name brand purses for pennies on the dollar. I've never had much luck this way, but some of my friends have scored big. One even scored a mother load of cheap Coach handbags: A collection of five different purses for a grand total of $35. You won't find a better deal than that anywhere.


The master online auction house frequently has some amazingly low prices on name brand handbags, but you'll need to make sure you're bidding on the real thing, and not a clever knock off. Still, some great items do go through there, so if you are willing to do your homework and take a risk, you could walk away with a great purse at a reasonable price. But because the site is swamped with resellers, I've personally never found a better deal on eBay than I've seen on Endless, but you could get lucky. Be sure to check feedback ratings, and make sure the seller offers a return policy, should you end up with an elaborate (but expensive) fake.


Craigslist has become the modern version of newspaper classifieds, and it's the first place many people turn to when they've got to unload stuff in a hurry. It's free to post ads and free to browse, so there's no risk; plus you can arrange to check out the purse so you know you're not getting taken for a ride. Every major city has a Criagslist listing, but if you want to find great deals, the trick is to expand your search beyond your home town.

Now that you know where and how to get some great deals on the purses you really want, finding the perfect cheap brand name handbag sale for your style and budget is as easy as logging online!