Brazil is a popular travel destination for those that want to experience sunny beaches and people. You may be looking for the best hotel deals. These hotel deals will offer a comprehensive package, without sacrificing luxury.

Portobello - Mangalore: Rio de Janeiro

The resort offers a large area reserved for children between 4 and 12 years of age. There they can play while being supervised by staff. The Brazilian resort includes two swimming pools, table tennis, and a fully decked playground with a seesaw, swing and slide set – perfect if you're traveling Brazil with children.

ThTraveling to Brazil with Kidse main selling point of the place is the safari. A one hour tour inside of a Land Rover will expose you to about 400 animals, including zebras, camels, monkeys, macaws, parrots and deer. Don't forget to take a banana to feed the camel.

Price: The rate for a couple ranges from $700 to $1,300 per night – depending on the size of the room. Children under 6 years are free. Children up to 12 years of age pay $155 a night. The trip to the safari costs $35 per person.

Itamambuca Eco Resort - Ubatuba: São Paulo

Three hours outside São Paulo, this Brazilian hotel prepares a special program of entertainment for children. The options range from fun scavenger hunts, art workshops, game rooms, kayaking and hiking through the Atlantic Forest.

Price: The daily rate for a couple ranges from $300 to $600. Two children that are under 10 years of age can stay in the same room with their parents, free of charge.  

Summerville Beach Resort - Porto de Galinhas: Pernambuco

No child will be bored at this Brazilian hotel. The resort offers kite workshops, modeling clay classes, board and field games, and picnics. Treasure hunts, puppet theater, and ecological activities are all part of the fun amenities offered by the hotel. Try to keep up with your child in the pool, with more than 2,000 square meters (about 6500 square feet) of garden surrounding it.

Price: $660 in a standard double room with breakfast and dinner. Two children under the age of 12 years that stay in the same room with their parents won't need to pay.   

Do Lado de La - Aiuruoca: Minas Gerais

This Brazilian hotel is located in the city of Aiuruoca. This is for those who want to disconnect from the urban frenzy – there is no electricity in this inn. This is a good learning experience for parents that have older children. The inn offers unique experiences, like star-gazing, bird watching, and a unique place of peace and tranquility that other hotels in Brazil may not be able to offer. Do Lado De La offers hot baths in a natural setting, delicious food made over a wooden stove, and fireplace activities.

Price: Ranges from $280 to $520 per couple. Children under 5 are free, with children up to 10 years paying half.